As the name suggests, OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. It is basically a method of transforming a text both handwritten and typed into that form of language that a machine can easily analyze and understand. OCR Online is a fruitful tool for users. This technique and method are used to alter and edit a document that is present in a hard form.

Following are some of the best and well-designed OCR software available:

ABBYY Fine Reader:

Fine Reader is a type of OCR software that is operated extensively by both the windows and the MAC OS and also by some other operating systems too. This software was designed by the company ABBYY. This is a scheme that allows its users and programmers to turn the image documents such as PDF files, photos, etc. into a style or format that can easily be improved and revised. OCR Online is a fruitful tool for users.

Version 14 of this software assists the identification of the texts in more than 190 languages.

Search Engine Reports OCR Online:

Search Engine Reports Image to text converter is an online tool that can be operated both on mac and windows. The application of this software is to transform all classifications of a document into the adaptable MS WORD format and also to the PDF format. It is widely regarded as the speediest and most effective OCR app. The software provides numerous features like different document type support, easy to use the feature and some other.

Search Engine Reports OCR Online is designed only for Web Browsers, you can use it on any operating system. This Online OCR tool costs nothing.

Soda PDF:

Soda PDF is one of the most distinctive OCR software. The forte of this software lies in the fact that it can very easily transform all types of files into the desired PDF format. OCR Online is a fruitful tool for users. Another very fascinating feature of this software is that it assists more than 250 file formats currently. The user can easily subscribe to the numerous PDF resources without even paying a single penny.

Read IRIS:

This software can be operated on windows as well as mac. This software is extremely structured. The main function of this software is that it is used for document searching utilities. OCR Online is a fruitful tool for users. This software provides all its features and characteristics with high precision and perfection. It provides the following features:

  • It assists the page files in more than 40 formats.
  • It also provides business card recognition and authentication.
  • It also provides aid for the Mac Operating System.

Boxoft Free OCR:

According to this custom software development company, this software is one of the rarest software of OCR, which is extremely conventional and functions with utmost precision. The major aim of this software is to draw out the texts from any type of image provided. This software grasps numerous column texts simultaneously. This software performs each and every task assigned to it with perfection. OCR Online is a fruitful tool for users.

This software supports multiple languages, namely French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch and some other. It also permits the user to inspect the paper documents and transforms them into a format that is flexible texts within a very short duration of time. This software has some limitations too as it cannot pull out the text from the handwritten notes but it works very well for the printed documents.

PDF element 6 Pros:

This software is widely acclaimed as the best optical character authentication that is accessible for the windows, mac, iOS, and android. OCR Online is a fruitful tool for users.

This software assists and aids languages like English, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, and many others. Users can transform any kind of image into the formats of his choices like MS word, MS Excel, and it can also be configured into the HTML as well. Inspected PDF files can also be converted in the same manner as well.

This software provides the following characteristics:

  • This software is also an executive PDF editor besides supplying OCR.
  • A user or programmer can also enhance his efficiency while modifying the office documents.
  • This software is also regarded as a good substitute for Adobe Acrobat.


This software is basically a web based tool that helps any casual user to convert an image format file to that particular format which comprises of the text files. The biggest advantage of this software is that the users don’t need to download it or install it. OCR Online is a fruitful tool for users.

It has limitations, as well. A single user can convert only 25 pages he also needs to register himself by signing up to the website to perform the various applications.

We can also do image to text converter process through some OCR software. This OCR tool can also act as OCR online, image to word converter, extract text from images.