When selecting any brand or type of mobile phone there are certain features you really need to checkout. The features determine if you are having the best brands or not.

Android phones are now the top selling smartphones with lots of exciting features.

If you desire android phones then checking out essential features can help you in no small way to get value for your money.

This is more so when there are lots of releases of launches for android phones today. The following are essential features to lookout for in upcoming android phones today.


Multitasking features

Smartphones can provide you with a lot of multi tasking functionalities. This means you are able to run more than one program at the same time.

With the very many apps out there today, such as blogging apps and even writing apps, you need to have an android phone capable of handling the many features of many different apps.

The best android phones have multi-tasking capabilities also because different programs can be installed or run on the background.

When reviewing any of the latest design of phones today, look out for this to ensure you are able to run more than one app simultaneously.


Software and hardware features

There is no doubting the fact that irrespective of the type or brand of phone you are choose, the software and hardware applications would be most vital in your mind.

As this cracked apps website points out, you should ensure that these features are user friendly, irrespective of the technicalities or configurations.

For today’s android phones, this surely would not be a problem for you as the best ones have awesome software and hardware features.

Simplicity should be the watchword and the applications installed should provide these.


Battery life

How long the battery life of your android phone lasts, is a vital feature you must take into account before buying any android phone today.

With all the many different apps and things we do on our phones these days, no one wants a phone without long lasting battery life.

You want a phone that you can use even while traveling, to last you several hours without losing battery life.

As you check out upcoming phones today, their battery life should be seriously considered. Most of the rechargeable batteries for these phones can last for many hours with usage.

Compare the battery running hour with what obtains in other smart phones or brands.

At least, you should have something similar if you cannot get a longer lasting battery unit for your phone.

Even though there are charging devices to give us all extra battery life, you should still consider phones that have decently long batter lives themselves.


Android version

These days you need to lookout for those android phones with the updated or latest android versions.

In this wise, it is important that you lookout for the latest version of android operating system on the new brand of android in the market.

The good news is that most of the new smartphones with android programs run on the latest versions or have updated features of the previous versions.

Other features you need to watch out for today’s android phones include: checking out the expandable memory, touch screen resolutions, and Random Access Memory, the Phone Memory, and the speed of the processor, etc.

As you see from this article, the speed, performance and functionalities of android phones are very crucial elements to seriously check out, before buying any phone.

Thankfully it’s not that hard to research what the best phones are, for your needs, thanks to the Internet. You can read reviews of any phone you want to buy now, to decide if it’s good for you or not.