When it comes to TWS earphones (true wireless Bluetooth earphones), there are certain things that need to be considered. Ever since Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and introduced Air Pods, the demand for Bluetooth earphones has skyrocketed. Just about everyone wants to get TWS earphones. This has resulted in various brands offering different models. There is a reason why people want to get such earphones. They offer far more convenience than regular wireless earbuds. You can connect the TWS earphones without any wires or cables. The following features should be considered when in the market for TWS earbuds.

Battery Life

If there is one thing that you cannot afford to overlook when purchasing TWS earphones, it is the battery life. Remember, earbuds are only as good as their battery. The thing about wireless overhead headphones is that they have a larger space. This allows them to house a long-lasting battery. However, that is not the case for TWS earphones. Therefore, you need to check out how long the earbuds play sound until they switch off or need a recharge.

Noise Cancellation

We live in a world where there is noise all around us. No matter where we go, there is noise. This is why TWS earphones have become a lifesaver. Go for ones that offer Active Noise Control support. The technology would ensure that noise does not disturb you.


The latest TWS models offer control buttons which allow you to control how and what you listen to. For example, if you use the latest Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, you will be able to control the buttons on both the earbuds for taking phone calls, skipping tracks, and increasing the volume. Moreover, as soon as you pull out an earbud, the music would pause automatically.

Bluetooth Codec

For those of you that do not know what the Bluetooth codec is, it is a piece of software which is responsible for encoding audio and decoding it. The type of codec the earphones support impacts the quality of the audio. Some popular Bluetooth codec include APTX Adaptive, APTX HD, APTX LL, Sony LDAC, Samsung Scalable Codec, and Advanced Audio Coding (AAC).

Water Resistance

When looking for earbuds, make sure to look for a model that offers water resistance/ waterproof compatibility. It is especially important if you are involved in sport-related or recreational activities. Keep in mind that water-resistant earbuds tend to be more costly than their non-water resistant counterparts. Only if you truly need such earbuds should you get them.


The market is filled with TWS earbuds. There is something for everyone. However, it is important that you do not focus on price but instead, consider the factors mentioned in this post. Make sure to get TWS earphones that offer the abovementioned features. The features are more important than the brand itself. Always look for these features if you want to get the best product. Never compromise on quality no matter how strict your budget might be.