When developing and testing a new food product it is important to gain the feedback of trained sensory panellists as opposed to gathering information from the public. Sensory profiling is an impartial method of product research that helps you to determine sensory qualities not found by your average research participants.

What Is Sensory Profiling?

As opposed to taste testing sensory profiling uses trained panellists to assess products against important guidelines. Rather than measuring whether potential customers may or may not “enjoy” a product, trained panellists are selected from a pool of people who have higher than average sensory acuity, and greater ability to identify different tastes and smells.

By tasting the products, these experienced assessors can determine a specific sensory profile for your product, compare them to new formulations, or even those of competitors.

What Are The Benefits Of Sensory Profiling?

Sensory profiling can benefit your brand as it will allow you to create competitive, high-quality products with high consumer acceptance rates.

  • Gain a competitive edge – The data received from your sensory profile can then be used to make critical adjustments to your product to increase its competitiveness within the marketplace.
  • Ensure consistency – Consistency is key for your product’s success. Even the smallest change to your product formula can sway consumers and send them to your competitors. Your products sensory profile will allow you to monitor your product accurately to ensure that the quality remains the same.
  • Improve consumer acceptance rates – A products sensory profile can be used to inform other consumer research to help increase consumer acceptance.

What Does Sensory Profiling Entail?

Sensory Profiling entails submitting your product to a sensory research company, such as Wirral Sensory Services. These companies have dedicated panels of assessors who will perform a sensory analysis of your product.

Members of the sensory profiling panel will offer no opinion on the product itself. Instead, they will just test and report on the smell, taste and other sensory factors to help develop a measurable sensory profile for your product. The sensory profile can then be compared to a competitor’s product or your other products to uncover any differences between variations and competing products.

Choose WSS To Conduct Your Sensory Profiling

Wirral Sensory Services have been the leaders in sensory research for over 20 years. Our sensory profiles have helped leading UK food and beverage brands stay ahead of the curve.

Our panel of experienced sensory assessors is one of the best in the country. It has allowed us to provide accurate and comprehensive overviews of product changes and taste trends that have directly correlated with revenue increases.

Our sensory research has allowed our clients to maximise sales by developing the best tasting products. Contact us today to subject your new or existing product to our objective, robust, and industry-leading sensory research panel to bolster your chances of securing a foothold in your chosen market.

WSS has ongoing relationships with several clients involving long term sensory profiling. Our panel of dedicated assessors allows us to provide a full and comprehensive overview of product changes and allows our clients to develop the best possible tasting products, therefore maximising sales.

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