ZSBN ceramics are a type of boron nitride ceramics that have unparalleled resistance to molten metal wetting due to boron nitride content. They are ideal for molten metal applications such as continuous casting break rings, metal atomizing nozzles, and side dams for thin strip casting. Other potential areas for ZSBN include wear components, such as guides and rollers in diverse glass and light-metal baths.

ZSBN ceramics have excellent high-temperature operation and thermal shock resistance. They are also uniquely high-performing solids that are especially suited for molten metal applications such as continuous casting break rings, where wear-resistance and thermal conductivity are essential.


ZSBN ceramics are anisotropic and are reported as a function of the orientation of the piece relative to hot pressing (perpendicular or parallel). They have many applications in molten-metal atomizing nozzles, glass contact wear components, and countless guides and rollers in diverse light metal.

Boron nitride ceramics have many unique properties that make them ideal for fixture or jig materials for sealing or brazing operations in induction, vacuum and atmosphere furnaces; for molten metal crucibles; heat sinks; high-temperature insulators; and more.

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