Do you want to use linear actuators? Are you new to linear actuators? Then, this post is just for you as it covers everything that you should know about when it comes to using linear actuators for home automation purposes. The home automation industry has been revitalized ever seen the introduction of linear actuators. They help drastically alter just about everything which makes it possible to automate different tasks. Read on to learn more about linear actuators before you decide to make a decision to buy the perfect linear actuator.

In the past, many people had never used a linear actuator and used to refer to it as an electric piston, activator, or ram to name a few wild variations. These technical terms can also be used. You might be wondering what a linear actuator actually is. In the simplest of words, a linear actuator helps actuate or move something in a linear manner. A linear actuator is used for various purposes. Although there are many large actuators that are available for marine, manufacturing, and industrial spaces, when it comes to home automation, smaller linear actuators are used.

For Home Improvement Projects

Linear actuators are just the tool you need for a home improvement project. They help improve the functionality and overall appearance of your house. The demand for linear actuators has skyrocketed and more and more homeowners are looking for a linear actuator in order to work on their home improvement project. They not only offer comfort but also help reduce the effort that is required for completing various tasks. Thus, linear actuators are used in a number of ways to offer automation through retraction and extension. Some of the most common uses of linear actuators are mentioned below.


When you use a linear actuator, you can automate just about every type of window. It allows you to automate the closing and opening of windows depending on the room temperature, the time of the day, and the weather. Moreover, linear actuators can even be programmed with sensors which allow them to open the window once it gets too stuffy or hot. Thermal sensors help make this possible. On the other hand, rain sensors can also be used to close the window if it starts to rain. Hence, linear actuators are extremely useful, especially for people that are not home all of the time, forgetful, elderly, or disabled. The intelligent system will take care of the windows for you.


Many homes have old manual recliners which are beat down. This is where a linear actuator comes into place. It can be used to upgrade the old manual recliner. The key is to add an actuator to the recliner to help connect it to a control system and automate the entire reclining motion. But, you should keep in mind that not all recliners are similar. However, most recliners feature a reclining mechanism, footrest, and a chair.

Table Lift

It can get crowded when you have a workstation in your home. It is similar to an office setting. Moreover, you will also have to sit for an extended period of time in order to get work done. However, this causes various long-term health issues which should be dealt with early on.

This is why it is important that you install a table lift which allows you to regulate the height of the conventional table. The linear actuator can be attached to the top of the table. It will help you easily retract and extend the table by using a remote controller as the table would be synched with the control system.

TV Lifts

Sometimes, you just need your precious television screen to be discreet and invisible. With kids fighting over the remote, it can become frustrating to have a television in the living room or bedroom. Hence, you need to install a TV lift. It might seem like something out of the distant future, but it is easy for just about anyone to set up. All you need is a linear actuator, a switch for controlling the movement of the actuator, and a metal frame that holds the screen. The motor will enable the operation. Thus, you can easily retract or pop up the TV from the ceiling or cabinet whenever you want.

Garage Openers

If there is one thing that a linear actuator is popular for, it is the garage. It is about time that you considered upgrading the old manual garage gate for something more worthwhile. Improve the functionality of the garage door and boost the security of your garage by using a linear actuator. Normally, linear actuators help resist the load of the door. They provide precision control which makes it possible to firmly close or open the garage door with just a push of a button.

Drop Down Kitchen Cabinets

There is no better place to use a linear actuator than the kitchen. Linear actuators are used in the kitchen to help lower the kitchen cabinet to just about any length that you want. They allow children and individuals on wheelchairs who cannot reach the top shelf with easy access to the cabinet. In order to install a drop down kitchen cabinet, all you need is a control box and two linear actuators. It is quite simple to do so.


When it comes to linear actuators, they offer a wide range of applications. You can utilize the linear actuator using a microcontroller that is operated using hand movements, keys, a remote, or any other method of activation that you desire. Linear actuators are used for improving and automating the most difficult and ordinary of home applications. They boost functionality and the aesthetics of your home. Moreover, you can install linear actuators by following simple steps. Just about every home application can be automated using a linear actuator. Thus, you can take advantage of their convenience by incorporating them in many applications. By reducing the manual effort required to do many tasks, you get to save up energy and time to do other productive tasks.