When it comes to reading data, SSD hard drive technology is very fast. It can either revitalise your old Mac or PC, or optimise a PC that is dedicated to playing video games, or that has premium features like 3D or 4K. Most important of all, your computer can be adapted so that it accommodates a standard 2.5″ laptop or 3.5″ desktop hard drive.


Procedure to change a hard drive

There are several steps that need to be taken to change a hard drive. You can do it yourself or have a professional like my Hove laptop repair service do it for you. There are several different things you need to know before undertaking this task. One in particular, is you need to have software that allows you to copy from one hard drive to a new one if you would like to maintain your normal working environment. Also, you might need specific software if you’re planning to copy a Mac hard drive (a PC is able to copy a Mac hard drive) since the purpose of drive-to-drive copying is so the software knows how to properly copy the partitions.

A Macintosh hard drive has HFS+ type partitions, while Windows partitions are NTFS. In general, it is best having Windows (7, 8, or 10) running on a desktop PC for performing the operation since the original PC drive might be used to work along with the copying software. Then this is used to copy the laptop drive onto the SSD that will be replacing it or to copy the replacement drive.


It is important to choose the right copying software

There are several different copying software options that are available. To replace a PC-type laptop or PC internal drive, there are solid-state hard drives that come with a special kit that includes the right software and a small cable to use in the operation. However, they usually cost more. After professionals tried to copy a Macintosh drive several times, it turned out that Acronis True Image and Paragon Drive Copy Professional were the only ones that were able to copy the partition successfully. They allowed the Mac to start with a new hard drive without any problems. All that needed to be done was to replace the hard drive after copying.

All that is left to do is to select the right hard drive and then install it to replace the old hard drive.


How to choose the hard drive

In most situations, whether it’s a laptop or desktop, there are SATA or Serial-ATA connection interfaces, which means a desktop PC can be easily used for the copying process since they normally have 4 SATA ports. An SSD memory or a TLC or MLC type can be used. Usually, MLM memory is more reliable although it is also more expensive (a warranty of up to 10 years is offered by some manufacturers on their MLC drives).

Note that when it comes to kits for PCs or laptops, hard drives are available that come with a USB cable to connect a new hard drive. The copying operations are performed by a bootable CD. The option is available for both Mac and PC and it is worthwhile to check this out before making your purchase.


How to replace the hard drive

You always need a screwdriver to replace a hard drive. Begin by opening up the case after you turn off the PC, and disconnect it by removing the battery if you have a laptop or disconnecting it from the mains.

To connect a hard drive, read the information on precautions and connection that is normally found in the booklet that comes with the hard drive.

When it comes to replacement kits, you should be able to perform the operation by following the documentation that comes with them.

When I needed to replace my old hard drive to an SSD, I did a search locally for laptop repair reviews in Hove and I found a very good service to help me get it done without having to do it myself and it was very affordable too which made it a good decision.

SSD can completely transform your computer and is well worth the money for the benefits you get from it.