Whether you are a preclinical student, clinical student, or aspiring to apply to a medical school, the ability to communicate through writing and speaking is an important skill all medical students should possess. Having effective written communication skills is important for good clinical practice and prescribing the right treatment plan. The ability to write effectively will also help future doctors to convey complex scientific concepts and important clinical information.

Many medical schools require students to get outstanding grades in English coursework; in fact, completing English coursework is one of the most important admission requirements for medical school. The preclinical years of medical school are mainly focused on developing the basic science concepts. The examinations in the first two years rely on multiple-choice questions, while the later years of medical education are focused on reasoning-based questions.

Being a medical student, perfecting your writing skills is important to improve your academic record and to translate your medical knowledge into an effective prescription and treatment plan to provide excellent patient care in the future. If you want to score impressive marks in medical school and work as a competent doctor, it is recommended to take advantage of apps to improve your writing skills.

Let’s discover the top 7 writing apps for medical students that will help them polish their writing skills to become a successful medical student and future doctor.

  1. Grammarly

It is one of the best writing apps that can help you improve your writing skills by highlighting the common grammatical error in your content. The best part about using this writing tool is that it provides you with alternative vocabulary and suggestions to perfect your piece. It is the best app for correcting critical spelling and grammar errors and providing word choice suggestions to make your assignment, research paper, or any other document error-free.

  1. Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge is an interactive app that will hone your writing skills by providing you with some creative prompts to start your story. You can choose your favorite one and start writing your thoughts. The app will give you more prompts so that you can add more ideas, words, characters to make the piece more interesting. The app will make writing fun that will motivate you to want to write daily. One of the best things about Writing Challenge is that it lets you pen down your thoughts that come to your mind and fix the text later.

  1. 750 Words

If you want to improve your writing skills to complete your research paper, write notes for your clinical rotations, or write an effective treatment plan in the future, you must download 750 words. The app allows you to practice writing while motivating you to write daily. The writing tool rewards you with points if you achieve your writing goals faster. The tool allows you to write on a big screen and automatically alerts you when you have completed 750 words. By completing 750 words, you will get a 1 point, and for completing more than 750 words, you will get 2 points.

  1. Airstory

It is another writing tool that provides medical students, bloggers, and copywriters with a flexible writing system that can easily combine your notes with an outliner slash document. The tool will help you stay focused while writing your academic assignments. It lets you stay on track by creating cards that include the main points of the topic, headings, subheadings, and then convert it into an outline. Furthermore, the app will allow you to gather all your important documents in one easy place so that you can easily access them whenever you need to review or edit.

  1. OneLook Reverse Dictionary

It is a great tool that will help you learn the meaning of a word or phrase by showing up words and phrases related to the concept. All you need to do is to type a word that’s synonym you want to know and enter. The tool will provide you with a lot of suggestions for the word that you can easily use in your academic assignment. OneLook Reverse Dictionary will save you a lot of time and effort and improve your vocabulary to improve the quality of the piece.

  1. WhiteSmoke

If you want to polish your writing skills, then you should give WhiteSmoke a try. The tool will ensure the text is error-free and crystal clear. With WhiteSmoke, you can perfect your English by choosing the writing solutions that are tailormade for your goals. This tool will help you finish your assignment or research paper on time. It highlights the common grammatical error and spelling mistakes in the document. By removing any glitches and errors, you can improve the quality of your document.

  1. Writing Prompts

It is a very useful app for students that allows students to master their writing skills. The app provides you with a lot of creative ideas and inspires you to write short and long pieces both. You will find more than 600 creative writing prompts in the app that will enable students to polish their writing skills and enable them to write on a variety of topics.

To develop effective written communication skills, you should download these apps that will definitely encourage you to write more and create a quality and error-free piece.