Archeage is an incredibly popular online game that has it all. It takes you on an adventure unlike any other. Connect with other gamers and join a community of competitive players. There is nothing like it. All you need to start playing the game in an internet connection. Combat with others and join in on the fun. It does not get better than this. Engage in plenty of battles to satisfy your inner warrior. Each player gets to create their very own character. Learn how to perform magical attacks and get bladed weaponry as you progress. A great thing about the game is that there is limited bloodshed.

Player-Generated Chat

The best thing about Archeage is the fact that there is player-generated chat. This means that you get to engage in conversation with your friends and other players in general. However, things can get messy at times as players can get very competitive. But, there are chat filters in place to ensure there is nothing nasty and to prevent spam.

Free Game

Archeage is absolutely free. Anyone can play the game as long as they have an online connection. It is super simple and you can get started right away without having to learn any difficult skills. The user interface makes things a whole lot easier. To enjoy the best experience, you can also opt for a Patron account which will cost you around $14.99 a month. It will provide you with options to own houses and land.

Massive Open-World Game

The game is unique as it is a world of its own. When you play Archeage, you will feel like you are transported to a completely new world that you could never have even thought possible. There are plenty of weapons that will keep you entertained. Go on story-driven questions to master new skills and gain prestige. The game is truly massive as you get to do just about everything such as engage in naval battles, trade on the seas, cultivate land, and more. Keep in mind that there are four races. You get to choose the race that you like and the skill sets which suit your character.

Before you start playing the MMO, you should know that it is a work in progress just like any other MMO. You might find some of the quests to be flawed, but that is the fun in it after all. Ever since it was first released in Asia back in 2013, the game has come a long way. It has been translated exclusively for the North American market. However, there is a lot more that needs to be done to integrate the characters based on the desired language.

Get Archeage Unchained Gold

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