Core legacy systems impact the overall digital transformation of a company. A weak integration project could cause a backlog that could keep you up all night. It is also possible that the skills needed for the legacy system integration and innovation are lacking. This is why you need API software to materialize your vision and to stop wasting time.

Open Legacy API

The API integration and management software offered by Open Legacy allows you to turn visionaries into heroes. It is not as hard as you might have thought as the API software takes care of everything and allows you to achieve goals you never thought could be achieved.

Why Open Legacy API Integration Platform Is Just What You Need?

Application programming interface or APIs for short are simply a must-have for just about any enterprise which desires to compete in the digital world of today. It has become more of a question of how to create and manage the best APIs so as to deal with different programming languages and operating systems.

For instance, managing or creating APIs for integration and on-premise systems using modern applications might seem like a time consuming task which takes months to complete. This is where Open Legacy comes into place. It provides the ultimate API Integration Platform that allows you to create the best APIs that you need within minutes, even from those monolithic databases and systems.


The API Integration Platform offered by legacy has been invented to offer an incredibly reliable and fast way to connect with the core back-end systems with web, cloud and mobile solutions within just minutes or days. It is 10 times faster than anything that one has probably worked with before and it has proven to do so. Now, one can either love their core systems or leverage them. The software does not care whether the system is young, old or complex. The open standards are simply compatible with just about everyone and everything.


There is no API Integration Platform that offers speed like the one offered by Legacy. It delivers API solutions within minutes instead of having to waste months on end working on the project.


The best thing about the Legacy API Integration Platform is that it eliminates the need for having a complex technology stack.


The API Integration Platform offers strong-typed APIs which help reduce the risk of failure considerably. These API integration tools work just the way that users want them to work which is easily and fast.

Features of the API Integration Platform

  • API Connectors: Within minutes, one can automatically extract different strong-type metadata from just about any core system so as to create a standard Java API which includes business logic.
  • API Design: Built-in templates and wizards can be used automatically to extend the back-end entity objects into the web or mobile applications such as SOA web services or REST APIs.
  • API Enhancement: Multiple layers of security will be injected and the performance would be accelerated. The metadata can be edited if needed to create a customized solution.