PVC ceiling tiles have become very popular in recent times. Just about everyone wants to get them for their home or office. PVC is a lightweight, strong plastic material which is manufactured at the factory. It makes for excellent ceiling tiles. PVC ceiling tiles are available in different lengths, sizes, colours, and designs. Hence, there is bound to be ones that you will like. The tiles have a shiny, smooth surface which makes them stand out. They are suitable for the living room, basement, bathroom, balcony, and any other space. This post takes a look at the pros and cons of PVC ceiling tiles.


Pros of PVC Ceiling Tiles

  1. Highly Durable

One of the best things about PVC ceiling tiles is that they are highly durable. They are very sturdy and made to last a long time. You can rest assured that they would last years without bending or warping. Unlike POP and gypsum, PVC ceiling tiles are less likely to get damaged and are not brittle.

  1. Affordable

Another reason why PVC ceiling tiles are a great option is because they are quite affordable. Unlike gypsum or POP ceiling tiles that cost a lot of money, PVC ceiling tiles cost a lot less. Thus, you will get to buy them without hitting the bank.

  1. Easy & Clean Installation

When it comes to installation, PVC ceiling tiles are the ultimate option. They are super easy to install and do not get dusty. It is possible to cut and trim them without much effort. Thus, you get to benefit from easy and clean installation.

  1. Light Weight

PVC is known for being one of the lightest materials out there. This makes it easy to transport, install, and handle. There is simply no better material in the market than PVC. You will be surprised by just how light weight it is.

  1. Easy to Maintain

Another great thing about PVC ceiling tiles is the fact that they are very easy to maintain. You do not need to paint them, varnish them, or get a special coating. All you need to do is wipe the tiles quickly using a damp cloth or a household cleaner. They will end up looking new with minimal effort.

  1. Resistant to Dampness

PVC ceiling tiles are also amazing because they are resistant to dampness. They are waterproof which means that the tiles do not absorb any water. Similarly, they do not support mildew or mould growth unlike gypsum and POP which tend to absorb moisture.


Cons of PVC Ceiling Tiles

  1. Plastic Look

If there is one thing about PVC ceiling tiles that we do not like, it is that they offer a plastic look.

  1. Not Resistant To Heat & Release Toxic Gases

As you already know that the tiles are made out of plastic, they get easily damaged because of heat. Hence, you should not use heat-emitting bulbs. Moreover, the tiles release some toxic chlorine gas over time if burnt.



Now that you know everything about PVC ceiling tiles, you can decide whether you should get them or not.