Fiberglass exterior doors are extremely popular in North America and across Western Europe. Gone are the days when wooden doors were the norm. Ever since fiberglass came into the market, it has managed to impress even the most stubborn of homeowners. Fiberglass doors are considered to be premium products. Hence, they have become the preferred choice. This post aims to help you decide whether fiberglass doors are the perfect fit for you or not. It shares the pros and cons of fiberglass doors as mentioned below.

Pros of Fiberglass Doors

There are many advantages of fiberglass doors. Their major selling points include.

  • Durability: When you compare fiberglass doors with wooden doors, you will come to realize just how durable they are. The material never rusts, rots, or warps. Thus, fiberglass doors are long-lasting.
  • Performance: The main reason why fiberglass doors are such a big hit is because they boost energy efficiency and reduce heat transfer. Homes that have such doors boast lower energy costs.
  • Maintenance: Another great thing about fiberglass is it requires minimal care. It is least likely to catch a stain.
  • Appearance: They can even mimic the look of natural wood or paint. This means that you when you shop for a fiberglass door, you will have a plethora of options.
  • Versatility: Since there are so many options available, you benefit from versatility. You can easily achieve the look you desire.


Cons of Fiberglass Door

Just like any other type of door in the market, doors made of fiberglass do have a few disadvantages that you need to know about. These are mentioned below.

  • Installation: They are usually available as a full unit. This means that only an experienced professional would be able to install the door.
  • Sizing: The doors have a restricted size. This makes it difficult to trim the door. Hence, it is not suitable for homes that do not have standard sized doors.
  • Price: Although fiberglass is not as expensive as some types of wood, it is still a more expensive option.


Understand Your Options

To ensure that you make the right choice, you need to know what your options are.

When it comes to fiberglass doors, they can only be used as an exterior door. If you are looking for interior doors, you can always opt for wooden doors. Besides, the solid wood entry systems of today provide high energy performance and natural beauty. Wood is quite durable. However, there is always a risk of the material getting scratched. But, repairs are easy. You should keep in mind that wood would require regular staining or sealing to prevent splitting or warping.

Besides just wood, your other option includes steel doors. They require minimal maintenance, are fire-resistant, and very strong. Although steel makes for an inexpensive option, it tends to have a shorter lifespan as compared to fiberglass.


Get Fiberglass Doors

After you have gone over this post, you will understand why fiberglass doors are the ultimate option.