As is so often the case, it is not the price that is responsible for the success, but rather the planning and the skill in the implementation. Poor videos in material quality have often become a sure-fire success. On the other hand, a good portion of planning in advance and a lot of diligence in distributing the video.

For example, Karen Cheng took these success criteria into account in her video “Girl learns to dance in a year” and has almost 5 million views to date. Of course, the influencers buy TikTok followers, views and shares, but the quality of content also matters a lot. Let’s have look at the most important elements of success for a viral video.

Active seeding run

To create a marketing plan, you need to know how videos go viral. Of course, you first spread your video on your own networks. However, it is advisable to get opinions from bloggers and influencers to create your marketing strategy.

These tastemakers have a huge impact on social media channels. They have millions of views on each video.

With a well-thought-out seeding strategy, you can successfully initiate the initial sharing of a video. This also includes considering who or which companies and institutions could also benefit from the video if successful. These need to be identified, contacted and asked for sharing.

Define the launch time carefully

The launch time should be carefully considered. Online videos are preferred to be seen at the beginning of the week, less at the weekend, and during classic vacation times. It pays to take such criteria into account. Days on which major media events occur are also less suitable because users are more likely to focus on them.

Length of the video

The length of the video naturally depends on the content. However, the length of viral videos is usually between 30 and 90 seconds. In general, however, the following applies: It should be as short as possible.


The preview image of the video is the figurehead and must animate to click. Show so much of the content that it makes you curious, but does not anticipate the punch line.

High quality – right ingredients

Videos like the “Star Wars Kid” mentioned also work with the relatively low video quality. In the social media sphere, the level and the expectations of users are now very high. Therefore, brand videos are tailored to the target group, consist of the right ingredients, are professionally produced, and feature important influencers.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are a fundamental part of the videos within social media. Users find the video they are looking for more quickly or become aware of it.

Edit reactions

The work doesn’t end after the video is launched. The seeding activities mentioned above are to be done, and all other communication measures that have been undertaken are to be implemented. And last but not least, it is very important to observe the reactions of the users, actively engage in conversation, and direct communication via the video into the right channels.

The title is important

The choice of title also determines whether a video is shared or not. The title should be as short as possible. This makes tweeting, sharing, and commenting easier. With all these tips, all the influencers buy TikTok shares to make their video viral.