Royalty-Free Music refers to the music tracks that have been paid for the legal owners directly. The term Royalty free might confuse you with unlicensed and copyright issues of music tracks, but since the definition itself involves the payment to legal owners of copyrights of the tracks, the idea is a lot clearer. Royalty free music is legally binded, so it should be used carefully and effectively.  Royalty free music is not subjected to bill payment and most of the sites offer the music for free. Utilizing good sources for royalty free music can save a lot of your time which you spend exploring different music tracks and helps you in creating not only unique but fun content.

Following are some of the best sources from where you can get royalty free music:


  1. PremiumBeat

PremiumBeat is a website that comes under the ownership of Shutterstock and offers a considerable variety of royalty-free music online. PremiumBeat has worked to gather over 10,000 tracks from which you can choose your favorites according to categories and genres. The genres and categories are detailed and divided into various sub-categories such as duration of the track, instruments, artists, mood etc. PremiumBeat also offers a long Editor’s playlist as well which can help you make the best soundtracks for your videos.


  1. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound has collaborated with some of the best and most popular musicians in the music industry. And this advantage has led them to getting their tracks featured on YouTube and Facebook with more than billions of views in just a single month. Here, you can find over 700+ albums consisting of royalty free music so you can pick what suits you best. All music tracks are of high quality and are diverse in terms of genres.


  1. Artlist

Artlist has collaborated with some of the most popular indie artists. These artists help in creating original sound tracks, which are then utilized by famous channels and companies such as NatGeo, Toyota etc. Artlist offers you a variety of over 1000 tracks that can be filtered and categorized according to mood, genre, instrument and duration. Artlist also creates special and unique albums that are created according to specific themes.


  1. Music Vine

Music Vine has partnered with over 160+ musicians and have created more than about 2000 tracks that can be categorized and chosen as per category of vocals, duration, mood etc. Other than royalty free music, Music Vine help in curating collections for producing videos of particular themes as well. You can categorize these according to their themes and genres. Music Vine is dedicated towards dividing a section of their website to the collaborating artists, so they are aware of the information regarding the people they are exploring music of.


  1. Soundstripe

Soundstripe is famous for its partnership with different music artists. An estimate of about 80+ of artists help in producing songs. The songs on the site are provided with distinction of moods, genres, instruments, beats per minute etc. You can also find different playlists on the site such as of sports, etc. Soundstripe provides you with the option to create an account and follow different artists; as well as the chance to create your own personal playlist. You also have the option of adding sound effects to your video where you can choose from about 29 categories of sound effects alone, which range from weapons, to sci-fi etc.


  1. Filmstro

Filmstro offers the option to choose music tracks from about 65+ categories which include mood, genre, video categories etc. Not only this, at Filmstro, you can customize each track according to its power and depth. This option alone gives you nearly infinite options to choose from and to create your own unique soundtrack.


  1. Pond5

Pond5 stands as one of the largest royalty free music sites globally, now aren’t that amazing? You can choose from over 36 genres which have a total of 500,000 music tracks. The tracks range from any kind to video projects.


  1. Soundstripe

Soundstripe has collaborated with multiple artists from around the world who produce songs for the site. These songs are separated into different categories on the site. You can create your own Soundstripe account where you can easily download music tracks that are royalty free and create your own personal playlists. The best part about using Soundstripe is of its robust filtering capability and the curated playlists. Other than this, there are no hidden costs of licensing.


  1. ccMixter

ccMixter is one of the best sources for royalty free music as it has one of the best processes of creating music for free. ccMixter has reached out too many musicians and collaborate with them who upload the original versions of their work on the site, which enables the producers and DJs to mix the tracks up and create free tracks for you. This source has over 120 original film and video tracks which are used for commercia projects, video gamed etc.


  1. StoryBlocks Audio

StoryBlocks Audio is one of the very best sources for royalty free music. It has collaborated with some of the best companies such as MTV, Discovery Channel etc. and makes video soundtracks for these! StoryBlocks Audio offers different plans that are not only flexible but are also consistently upgraded on their site.


Bottom Line

Getting royalty free music is no less than a privilege, especially since you are on a job to create new videos and soundtracks which are licensed. As per the sources mentioned above, these are most recommended because of their vast varieties of music tracks available on site. Not only this, nearly all of them are in collaboration with the best musicians from around the world. Royalty free music not only saves you from copyright theft, but also from spending your entire day to search for sites like these. So if you are a content creator, search up any of these sites and find original music tracks easily.