Web design is considered to be a complex topic. It has a significant influence on just how successful your website is. This is why you need to learn the secrets of web design. Only after years of working in web design, studying analytics, and reading up on research, we have come up with this post. It looks at some of the best-kept secrets of web design Wirral. The secrets mentioned below can be used to make your website more effective at serving your visitors and improving conversion. So, let’s take a look.

  1. Never Use Accordions, Tabs, Sliders, and Carousels

If there is one thing that we have noticed, it is the fact that website owners simply love to use carousels. It is easily the most requested feature out there. However, research reveals that carousels are useless at best. The same problem is experienced by tabs and accordions. They are often ignored by people. Since people never read the entire page, its effect is only compounded. The majority of people simply scans the page and is less likely to click on content.

  1. Ditch Clicking for Scrolling

You might be wondering if you cannot compress information into accordions or sliders, how else you can present it. This is where single long pages come into place. All you need to do is create a single long page that will include everyone. Studies show that a long page is more effective than simple, short sales pages. It helps boost conversions significantly. You should now know that people prefer scrolling to clicking. Thus, you should simply spread all the information on one page rather than many different pages.

  1. Focus on Visual Cues

The main function of web design is to help guide visitors. This is why you need to know how to direct their focus where you want it. More direct visual cues can be used to achieve this. Remember, people are more likely to look in the same direction as other people they come across in the form of ads. Therefore, you can place ads or images of people in such a way that you direct your visitors in the direction you want. You do not need to be subtle about it and can be blunt.

  1. Only Utilize People in Pictures and Avoid Stock Images

It is always a good idea to use images of people for your website. It not only directs the attention of visitors but seeing humans allows them to connect with the website much better. Even if you place a simple picture of a person in the background, you will experience an increase in conversions. However, stock photos have the opposite effect. Studies reveal that people recognize generic images and it can be a turn off for them. This is why you should only use pictures of people that are real and genuine such as your staff or past customers.


This post will help take your web design Wirral to the next level. Pay close attention to each secret shared.