Are you on the lookout for the ultimate entertainment plan? Then, you need to learn more about the Spectrum Gold package. It is the executive standard for entertainment and connectivity. You simply cannot go wrong with it. The fact is that it simply does not get better than Spectrum TV, Internet, and Voice as it has got you covered in every aspect. No matter what your needs might be, you can count on it to provide you with unlimited entertainment. If you have been searching for an entertainment plan, then Spectrum Gold is just the bundled plan you need to subscribe to.

So here’s what you get with the Spectrum Gold bundle:

Over 200 Channels

One of the best things about the Spectrum Gold package is that it provides over 200 channels. Yes, you read that right! Some of the channels include STARZ, TMC, SHOWTIME, and HBO Max. There are plenty of channels to keep you and your family or friends fully satisfied. It is about time that you ditched those useless entertainment packages for something more substantial. With the Spectrum Gold package, you never have to search for any other plan as it provides beyond what any other service provider promises.

Free HD

There is nothing quite like watching shows in HD. If you want to watch free HD channels, Spectrum Gold is possibly the best plan for you. It allows you to enjoy thousands of on-demand choices whenever and wherever you want. Forget about all your entertainment woes as the spectrum gold package will change your perspective about everything. It is here to provide you with entertainment unlike any other. The fact that you get to watch your favorite channels in free HD should convince you to create an account. Besides, the last thing you want is to watch TV of lower standard quality. It ruins the entire entertainment experience for everyone.

No Contract

If you have been stuck in a contract with an abysmal service provider and want to have a contract on your terms, then the Spectrum Gold package has got you covered. It is the ultimate package that will change your entertainment experience for the better. As there is no contract with Spectrum, you have the freedom to end the contract on your terms at any time. There are no strict terms in place that you need to worry about. Thus, it is just the right entertainment option for you and your family or friends.

Worth the Price

A good thing about the Spectrum Gold package is that it is worth the price. If you are searching for a plan that is actually worth paying for, then Spectrum is the place to go. Immerse yourself with access to the best channels out there. Watch the latest documentaries, news, series, live sports, movies, and more when you subscribe to the plan. Access thousands of on-demand titles any time and get unlimited access to premium networks. Entertaining everyone just got a whole lot easier with the plan.

Free Spectrum TV App

Spectrum Gold package has become the gold standard in digital entertainment as it even boasts a TV app, which you can access for free once you subscribe to the package. You will be blown away by everything the app has to offer as you will be able to access content included in your Spectrum subscription on the go. Thus, you can be fully entertained no matter where you are. The app provides an excellent experience that will make you forget about any other app in the market.

Fastest Internet Speeds

In addition to the cable TV service, the bundle also provides high-speed internet. If you can no longer tolerate slow internet, then you can opt for Spectrum Internet along with Spectrum TV Gold, making it a nice double-play deal. Take advantage of starting speeds up to 200 Mbps. Even though wireless speeds may vary, you can rest assured knowing that the service is as reliable as it gets. You also get to benefit of a free internet modem along with anti-virus software.

No Data Caps

With the Spectrum Gold bundle, you get to benefit from unlimited streaming, downloading, and gaming every month. No data caps are standing in your way with Spectrum Internet. This means that you can watch as many series as you want for as long as you want. It is hard to compete with such an amazing offer. Now, you would not need to monitor how many shows you watch and how much data you consume. With no data caps, you get to receive a service that truly is the best of the best.

Unlimited Calls

When you subscribe to a triple-play Spectrum Gold package, you get to benefit from all three services Spectrum has to offer i.e. TV, Internet, and Phone. There is nothing quite like the Spectrum Voice service with its unlimited calls. If you are someone who likes being connected to their loved ones over long distances but needs an affordable option, you will find the triple-play bundle to be just what you need. It will set you free so that you can call as many people as you want and whenever you want. There will be no limits standing in the way. It goes to show just how amazing the Spectrum Gold package is. With unlimited calls in the U.S., Canada, Mexico & more, you no longer have to worry about anything.

Everything Is Included

Whether you opt for the Spectrum Gold Double-Play or a Triple-Play plan, you will be glad to know that everything is included in these bundles at competitive prices.

  • An HD cable box.
  • Premium channels included
  • Top-notch device models from Spectrum.
  • A high-end HD receiver that offers the best colors and most vivid detail.
  • The HD Auto-Tune feature tunes you into the HD version.
  • Superior customer support.
  • Plenty of features for simplifying your experience.
  • Installation and setup of the HD cable box.
  • No caps to stop you from streaming and downloading