Nothing is worse than losing connections with your coworkers due to nature of the job. Here, we are talking about remote work where you have to move to remote places to get the job done. You might miss little chit-chats at photocopy machine or walking together towards café for lunch-break. You also miss being part of that bond, connection, friendship and getting-to-know-each-other sessions at physical workplace. However, as you move to another place for some task, you get isolated. You definitely want someone to cut you some slack!

But, don’t worry! Technology has an answer for you.

Snack: Your Virtual Workspace

There are several fun apps which act as your virtual workspace where you can connect with others.

One such application is Snack. From sharing ideas and knowledge to promoting collaboration and from working together to building authentic relationships, Snack gives you an access to Slack channel. Through this channel, you can actually connect with your coworkers. Snack can help you fill up the gap of that lost connection.

Features of Snack

Snack is a Slack bot app. It allows you to add Snack to your Slack organization. Upon adding, it creates a ‘snack-club’ channel. This is where you can take a snack-break at your own virtual workspace. You can send or accept invitations to other users for slack.

Do you remember any moment in which you met a colleague in a hallway and that person started talking about something you are least interested in? And that too, for several minutes. Well, with Snack, you don’t have to worry about it. Snack allows you to set up a time limit for your conversation. You can also add your interests in this app so that you only connect with someone who shares the same interests as you.

Another feature of Snack is that you can reject the invitation through its DND (Do Not Disturb) option.

How does Snack work?

This is pretty simple and straightforward.

After adding Snack to your Slack organization, a ‘snack-club’ channel is created. Anyone who joins this snack-club can start a video conversation with other members of your team via ‘/snack’ command.

If you ask to snack, the app will sent invitations from your side to pair you with someone who is already in the snack-club channel. This invitation is sent anonymously without revealing your identity. Furthermore, the pairing not only depends on mutual interests but also, on who responds to your pairing request first. Both the sender and receiver can decide time limit for video conversation.

For instance, if you have requested to snack, you will be asked about time limit and topic for conversation. On the other hand, the receiver will have the options to not only set the time limit but also to reject the invitation.


Snack: An Alternative to Donut

Snack is popular alternative to Donut, created by Gajus Kuizinas. While Donut only allows people to have planned conversations in future, Snack allows both planned and spontaneous conversations. Moreover, Snack as the name suggests, has been developed and designed to enable people to experience real workplace environment i.e. connecting with others during lunch break. For more information, you can visit the website.