Developed by Blizzard North in 2000 and released in 2001, Diablo 2 is still among the top RPGs (role-playing games). Moreover, it has been cited as one of the greatest games ever made. Diablo set a foot in the world of video games in 1997 with the theme of horror and dark fantasy. Diablo 2 is the extension of it having similar theme but, with additional changes. This article presents you with the review of Diablo 2. Read more to find out!

Diablo 2: Continuation of Horror and Dark Fantasy

Diablo 2 is a role playing hack-and-slash video game which allows the player to experience the mysteries of dark fantasy. With additional size and complexity, it has managed to keep the player interested and intriguing. Furthermore, the goal of Diablo 2 is exactly the same as its predecessor. The player has to dispatch the resident Lord of Terror, Diablo as soon as possible while fighting the hordes of monsters on the way.

Plot Structure of Diablo 2

Diablo 2 has been divided into four acts. Each act is a different goal but all of these are linked together. Moreover, unlike Diablo, the plot of the game is more cohesive. You no longer have to complete random tasks. Rather, all of these tasks are loosely connected and linked together.

Outdoor Settings

Unlike its predecessor which has only Gothic-themed dungeon setting, Diablo 2 also has outdoor game settings which the player can explore. In addition to it, each act has a different setting.

Multi-player Mode

Diablo 2 offers a multi-player mode for the players. It is always fun to play an action-game with your friends, right? In multi-player mode, not only online maps are generated randomly, but also monsters are much stronger and hence, require more effort to eliminate them.

Lack of Difficulty in the Beginning

For players who have enjoyed difficult battles in Diablo from the very start, Diablo 2 might be a little disappointing. The game is pretty easy and simple in the beginning. The players can get bored while playing Act I. However, things get pretty complexed at the end of Act I.

From Three to Five Characters Classes

In Diablo, there are only three character classes. More flavor has been added to these classes in Diablo 2. Each character class has a specific set of skills that can facilitate in killing monsters and receiving rewards. These character classes include Amazon, Barbarian, Paladin, Necromancer and Paladin.

In expansion of Diablo 2, two more character classes were added. These are Assassin and Druid.

Poor Graphics

No matter how wonderful and thrilling the game plot is, poor graphics can always ruin it. This is exactly the case with Diablo 2. Furthermore, by comparing it with modern RPGs, Diablo 2 looks like at least a century old. There are only two video resolution options available. One is 800 x 600 and the other is 640 x 480. The latter one is recommended by most players of the game.


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