In the past two years, BlackSys has indeed become a groundbreaker in the 2 Channel market. This was possible for them by producing the well-built items with good video at very economical prices. CH-100B is different from the rest of the competition because of high temperature ratings, an innovative parking mode and a user friendly WiFi application. However, just after two years of the launch of CH-100B, BlackSys launched their brand new leading dash cam, namely the blacksys-CH200, which can be found on Dash Cams Australia.

BlackSys-CH200 Design

Even though the BlackSys-CH200 is created with the same dimensions and design as the CH-100B, its internals have been deeply revised. Many companies just recycle hardware from the older models and make minute alterations to the firmware and design to be launched again as a new model. But the CH-200 offers rather remarkable hardware improvements. Now, it features the top of the line Sony EXMOR sensors and Ambarella A12 chipset on both rear and front cameras. Such upgrades point towards better video quality s compared to the CH-100B and the other 2 Channel dash cams available in around the same price range.

BlackSys-CH200 Video Quality

The video quality of CH-200 is amazing and the rear channel does a better job as compared to the CH-100B at night. Its new cameras actually record at a bitrate of 7 and 9 Megabits per second, which is about the double of the outgoing bitrates of CH-100B because of the new A12 processor. All in all, the video quality of CH-200 is one of the best of the 2 Channel parking mode dash cams , however, it is thought that the Thinkware flagship 2 Channel systems might be better than the CH-200 but may be costlier.

BlackSys-CH200 Features

The BlackSys CH-200 is a leading device for BlackSys and thus has a number of brilliant features. It has a user friendly WiFi application like CH100B and it has much better iOS compatibility. GPS is also typical and it permits for speed display as well as a number of driver alert systems like lane departure warning. Parking mode is also very average and it can be used either in time lapse or motion detection modes.



Similar to the CH-100B, CH-200 also just can’t ever be beat in regards to value and performance. It offers much better features and video relative to the more expensive 2 Channel systems with negligible disadvantages. It is believed that because of the lack of a cloud feature, the costs of this particular device have actually been rather low. Knowing about the market, people are aware that the buyers usually in North America aren’t so interested in the Cloud because of the high running prices. For an inconspicuous 2 Channel parking mode item which offers Full HD video on the rear and front both, the CH-200 is the ultimate choice for the users, along with the Vantrue N2 .