:Qounter (pronounced counter), is a unique app that creates a new value stream for shoppers around the globe by easily empowering them to  Earn, Share and Donate Cash to their favorite charities. Designed with the millennial shopper in mind, the :Qounter platform is built on the foundation of sharing. Our simple app connects your shopping to your social network, which allows you to earn cash from your purchases, rewards your network for purchases ( and you for their purchases), and earns cash for your favorite charities as well

Simply put, :Qounter’s unique platform leverages social networks with the cash back incentives that are typically hidden behind complicated schemes.   With its seamless integrations across thousands of retailers online and oflfline,  :Qounter is clearly the new and exciting way to shop!  The only thing that our members have to pay attention to, is their :Qounter as it starts to climb!  There are no links, no points, no codes, and no gift cards. Simply Cash!

While we have focused on creating a simple and seamless user experience, we have focused a great deal of effort on the back office development and hardened integrations.  :Qounter is much like a Clearing House of sorts. We are a platform where both Merchants and users meet, transactions occur, cash back is earned and then flows through the individual networks (Share + Give). We have also begun development on a new feature that will allow Influencers and charities to create and promote their online marketplaces and charitable foundations to their social media followers.

Qounter’s first target demographic is the Millennial.  Millennials view :Qounter as a fun, upbeat, and easy way to earn extra money. They love the socially progressive cornerstone of Qounter and they love the addictive notion of being able to earn and share with their friends.

With respect to Merchants, they already understand and budget for the proven concept of cash back to consumers. Where :Qounter is unique and most interesting to Merchants, is that it is moves the existing cash back model from a “one to one” to a “one to many” model. This movement to a shared “one to many” model means that merchants will be the beneficiaries of the leverage effect driven by individuals sharing their earnings with their large, existing social networks.

Sharing will equate to more eyeballs, greater share of voice, more online and offline traffic, and more customers who will want to share and the cash back they have earned from the specific retailers.   This basic premise does not even start to tap the potential growth associated with the socially progressive position of :Qounter. All this will equate to increased visibility, customer base, sales and loyalty for Merchants .
Qounter currently has over 3,000 Online and Offline US merchants onboard, including Apple, Nike, Macys, Hotels.com, Adidas, GAP, etc.


The :Qounter Team:

Strong team with extensive startup and enterprise experience:

Raul Triveno (Chairman and Founder), Christian Kirsebom (Co-founder and CFO), Alfredo Narez

(Co-founder and CMO), Manuel Reyna (Co-founder and CTO)

Our design inspiration:

Sophie: Learn about her :Qounter experience at https://vimeo.com/121299185

“Qounter will change the way we buy, by sharing the cash back earned with friends and charities all over the world, creating a new global consumption model.”

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Connect with us to learn more:

Christian Kirsebom, CFO


Cell: 925-247-6666