The secret to an increase in the lifespan of a refrigerator is proper maintenance. Its importance cannot be stressed enough. The kitchen is the heart of every home and it is the fridge that is the its heart. The fridge is the most important appliance in the entire house. It is also the most used appliance. Besides, it is responsible for a major chunk of your electricity bill. To keep your fridge running and to reduce energy consumption, you need to keep it in good condition. This post looks at the top fridge maintenance tips. They will help keep your fridge running and will also reduce your energy consumption. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at these DIY tips.

  1. Check the Door Seals

One of the most important tips that you need to keep in mind is to check the door seals. Make sure that they are tight and no food remains come in the way. You should make it a habit to clean them twice every year. Use s mixture of water with baking sold and a small brush to clean the seals. If the door seals are not properly shut, cool air will seep out. It will waste a ton of energy and the fridge would need to work a lot harder. To ensure that the seals are doing their work, you should try out the dollar-bill test. It is where you put the dollar bill in the door. It should be half way in and half way out. If the bill slips out easily, you need to get the seals checked by a professional such as a Fridge repair Halifax company.

  1. Keep the Coils Clean

Another useful tip that you should consider is keeping the coils clean. The condenser coils help get rid of the heat that is released. However, if they are covered in dust and debris, your fridge would not run efficiently. Hence, you should clean the coils twice every year. To clean the coils, you must pull the machine away, unplug the fridge, and vacuum the coils using a brush attachment.

  1. Clean the Inside of the Fridge

When you clean the walls, doors, and shelves of the refrigerator every month, it helps keep bacteria and germs away from your food. If something spills in the fridge, you should immediately clean it up. Besides, it will help ensure that the fridge does not have any debris stuck to it that might start molding.

  1. Check the Temperature

The temperature of your fridge should always be between 35° and 38° F. As for the freezer, its temperature should be 0 degrees. How else would it freeze items anyway? By checking the temperature of the fridge and keeping it at the required setting, you get to ensure that the fridge performs at its optimal.


By following the tips mentioned in this post, your fridge will last longer and use less energy. It is also advised that you contact an appliance repair professional for proper maintenance every now and then.