Onkyo is one of the most renowned names for creating a number of the simplest sounding home cinema receivers in the market with guaranteed quality, and for creating reliable merchandise. Usually, major advancements in audio technology tend to occur slowly which is why most stereo receivers don’t receive frequent enhancements from one generation to the seceding ones. However, the Onkyo TX-NR686 is completely different.



The Onkyo TX-NR686 embraces the graceful design and engineering; which does not create abundant of a trial to jazz-up the aesthetic of their style. It is implausibly generic and non-descript, resembling one in every of many similar receivers, but is better in terms of reliability.The receiver itself stands simply over 17-inches wide, 7-inches tall, and slightly over 12-inches deep. That’s the large build you usually see on midrange stereo receivers. On the face of the device, the digital display menu is that the same menu system used on Onkyo’s abundant earlier units. The inexperienced and simplistic background creates a well-recognized feel to regular Onkyo customers and merchants within the past. Although some may label it as an old design, it is a classic piece which gives off simplistic vibes.


Main Features

  • It consists of 7.2 regular channels among which the last 2 can be labelled as outlined either with a surround back or as height speakers.
  • TX-NR686 has additional amplified channels for one more try of speakers in an exceedingly second zone.
  • It is rated at a 165 watts per channel, obtaining meaning volume from even quite demanding speakers should not be a haul.
  • It also has a 32bit/384kHz integral DAC, might deliver a handy price saving do you have to fancy a stereo set-up in another area.
  • 7 HDCP a pair of.2-enabled HDMI sockets (one of that is stationed below the degree dial on the front), 2 optical and one coaxial digital inputs, a power-driven USB socket, 6 analogue connections
  • A moving-magnet phono input to couple along with your turntable.



TX-NR686 has the ever reliable Google Assistant, and Play-Fi and FlareConnect systems in-built for potential multi room usage. It also provides the option of Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay for your current and standard wireless file sharing. Once you’ve got connected the amp to your wi-fi network, you’ll have access to the all the foremost streaming services for example Spotify,Amazon Music etc. TX-NR686 has been certified in its standing and is one of the best products offered by Onkyo. Although the fact remains that any of the amp desires a minimum of a decent amount of running in before it reaches its potential, this receiver’s likeability is clear from the instant we tend to enter our speakers.



It begins with a tasteful soundstage that fills every corner of our testing room innocent of sound. It delivers a well-balanced frequency vary, not rolled off or exaggerated at either finish, and brightly avoiding any brightness or laborious edges. It also consists of the tendency to be played in multiple rooms giving off clear sound across a distance without the need of setting up a heavy system.