Pokémon Go, with a rising 20 million daily users, needs no introduction. We all have heard about it if not played it yet. It took by storm the busy corners of the world.

The gameplay is really simple, there is not a lot of depth to it. You must go outside, catch a Pokémon, and have Gym battles.

Yet, it broke all the records and without a doubt, it is considered as the biggest mobile game in the world. Its success was not an accident but based on strategic decisions and modes of rewards and user engagements. There are many marketing lessons that everyone can learn from it.

This post highlights some of the things you can benefit from Pokémon Go.

The Design-in Shareability for Discoverability in Pokémon Go

This game featured a strategy that enabled players to connect with their real-life friends and family. This also allowed them to keep track of their adventures. Players could send items to their friends and earn bonuses. Not only this, but they could trade Pokémons as well.

Also, they can send gifts to their friends. The game allowed players to have a Gym battle with friends and increase the Friendship level. When the friendship levels increase, the players can unlock bonuses.

It is a simple mechanism for maximizing discoverability. The players can share their success, passions, wins, battles, and much more on different platforms like Twitter, and Facebook.

Keep the Design Simple

Another thing that you can learn from Pokémon Go is that you don’t have to spend on campaigns. Rather focus on offering something appealing and unique to your audience. A well-designed and excellent quality of the game is more than enough to increase word of mouth referrals.

Rewards for Loyalty

Many people think reaching a wide range of audiences is by grabbing the market’s attention. Well, it might be true to some extent, but it is better to keep their attention. An effortless way to do so is by rewarding the customers for their continued engagement.

For instance, Pokémon Go rewarded players for catching new Pokémons, leveling up, walking, having Gym battles, discovering a rare Pokémon, and much more. This motivates the players to have more action. So, it is better to reward the players for their loyalty.

This shows if you reward the players, you will keep them engaged with the game and they will refer it to their friends and family.

Don’t Forget to Add Fun Element

One of the reasons for the success of Pokémon Go was the fun it was offering. This is an effective way to capture the attention of the young generation. Hence, it is advised to add a lighter aspect to your marketing strategy.

Therefore, Pokémon Go is the highest-selling mobile game that incorporated designed-in discoverability and user engagement strategy to spread the word. For more information on video game marketing discoverability, kindly visit this page.

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