Android TV is a vent into the modern day world of a massively saturated video and virtual realm. While the service enables users to process rapidly digitalized information through modes of highly technical yet digitally advanced ways like home control devices, music and video play and so much more. The setting up and installation of the Android TV is still pretty complicated.

With almost none to a very less amount of service providers and technically trained operators available, it can be a task and a half to set this system up. Luckily enough with a great technical portfolio and a team of highly trained professionals and operators at Divitel you can set up your Android TV launch Control much more effectively.

Divitel is able to provide an exceptional service by handling the launch professionally with a meticulous attention to detail and technicalities surrounding this slightly complex system.

The team is able to help by providing Data driven and innovative solutions.


With Divitel you will be able to access a Silo-Mashing Monitoring system which allows a 360 degree and a real time monitoring on all silo screens and devices for an effective launch, control and execution.

Analysis Acceleration:

The Silo-Smashing monitoring is backed up with the use of an Analysis acceleration system that is able to rapidly identify the problem, offer solutions and fix issues effortlessly.

Managed Continuous improvements:

With the aid of highly functional and effective monitoring and troubleshooting systems like the Silo-Smashing monitoring and analysis acceleration, the highly trained team at Divitel is able to provide real time solutions to any issues that the system might face during or after the launch. This enables a highly seamless launch and functionality.

Usually at the time of the launch things work accordingly as planned but the system might face some technical glitches afterwards. With technically advanced systems at hand and a highly trained operational task force, Divitel is able to provide an immaculate assistance before, during and after the launch of the Android TV control.

Additional benefits:

  • 60% less tickets
  • A calculated 80% more faster identification of any problems with the help of Silo monitoring and Analysis acceleration
  • A higher rate of the mean time of recovery thanks to the trained staff and the highly meticulous troubleshooting systems and devices
  • An absolutely ravishing 40% at the best results and fuss-free post launch functionality with the help of trained technical operators at Divitel.

With increasing digitalization of content in the post pandemic world it is an absolute necessity to have a trained team of professionals and operators who are able to provide an impeccable and fuss free service.

Divitel is able to provide additional services in terms of training your staff and operators in order to make sure that you are able to provide the best possible service to your clients and have enough time on your hands to introduce innovative deployments and features. So what are you waiting for sign up here and launch your Android TV control considerably seamlessly!