Been going on adventures after adventures since 5 years ago, I always love to capture the moments even if I am not sharing it on social media. And I have always been a fan of the legendary equipment from DJI because of its unrivalled stabilization. The price of it, though, was impressive as well.

However, my serious lack of skills and grip also meant I am breaking a gear every now and then while my inner perfectionist constantly push me to by new DJI products. But I do not have all the money in the world. That has made me sad.

I have tried some other cheaper alternatives. While they perform mostly the same in less intensive scenarios, the gimbals began to lose the sense of horizon especially when going pass rougher surfaces. And the lack of intelligent evasion like the Mavic Pro 2 made me crash a drone even more often, particularly in the forests.

During one of my online scavenges, I came pass D1 store with ex-demo and refurbished DJI products. Generally, I do not trust these products much as the previous owner must have found some sort of problems with the product to sell it.

Yet, I found out it is actually co-established by DJI Australia as an official and authorized retail store of DJI products in Australia. The factory support allowed D1 store to offer product training, repairs and technical support for DJI products in Australia.

There went my suspicious. And I started looking for a replacement for my recently crashed Mavic 2 Zoom. My perfectionist Id obviously pushed me towards the more expensive Mavic 2 Pro with the industry standard Hasselblad sensor.

While the price for a whole new Mavic 2 Pro is $2,499, a refurbished one only cost $2,299 and the ex-demo only cost $2,199, just $200 more than the Zoom. Considering the upgrade in video quality, I am willing to pay the minor price hike.

Paid for an ex-demo one, the drone arrived with all the accessories you would expect from a new drone. None of the controller, extra propellers and gimbal protector were missing from the package. While there are almost-invisible scratches on the body, I was impressed with the condition considering the price I paid and the product I received. The drone is going to fly below branches and slalom between trunks, so those scratches will happen eventually.

With the saved bucks, the rage buyer inside me also grabbed a Mavic Pad Holder and an extra battery for my OSMO Mobile from the Clearance page. The Pad Holder turned out to be extremely helpful to save me from the 5.8-inch phone screen to a 10-inch iPad Pro for viewing the drone footage (and avoiding small tree branches).

For around two months now and one outdoor adventure every week, the Mavic held up as it should. With the $300 saving (despite the accessories) and upgraded video quality, I cannot say that I am not impressed by D1 store. Anyone looking for affordable and credible DJI products in Australia, D1 store is my recommendation for y’all.