We would have to go back in time literally thousands upon thousands of years to find out when humans first started to survey the land in order to build. The pyramids of the Egyptians and Aztecs, the ancient structures of China, Greece and Rome; these were all done so incredibly well and have stood the test of time because they were constructed with a frightening level of accuracy. Most experts agree that they were using some type of equipment to survey the land. There’s just no other possible way they could have been this accurate with primitive tools and construction methods.

What this tells us is that despite the sorts of methods you’re using and the tools you have to cut, lift and fasten your materials, the most important aspect of construction is your surveying equipment and how accurate it is. Over these many years, the equipment has become a lot lighter, leaner, and much more accurate. Though it’s also quite expensive, and so it’s not something that everyone is able to pick up. Though how about if they rented that equipment? Is that a viable alternative?


The Benefits of Renting Equipment for Surveying

Far More Cost-Effective

Anyone in any sort of business has to focus intently on their costs. If something is posing a danger to your bottom line, it must be eliminated. For a lot of smaller businesses and startups, actually footing the bill for the ownership of equipment is just too large of an expense to bear, and so renting becomes a much more viable alternative. You can rent for a mere fraction of the price of owning outright. It’s saving money in this way that enables you to eventually purchase outright once you start turning more of a profit.


Does Not Require Long-Term Storage

Much of today’s surveying equipment is rather large and complex and needs specialized storage. What this means is that you’re not just going to drop your equipment into a box, like your hammer or your speed square. You’re going to have to actually store it properly and safely so that it doesn’t get damaged. It’s very easy to knock these pieces of equipment off due to their calibration settings and intricate parts, so they need proper storage. By renting, you’re not getting into the long-term storage game. You’re essentially just using the products and then returning them to be stored.

Surveyor instrument for measuring level on construction site, roller with spikes is compacting soil at construction site in background.

No Hassles with Maintenance

One of the hardest lessons learned by people in the surveying genre is that this equipment can be rather delicate and must be calibrated properly at all times. This means that you’re inevitably going to be dealing with a lot of maintenance if you decide to purchase. Sure, the equipment is yours; you own it. So it’s not exactly a negative thing here overall. However, when it comes to keeping the equipment properly maintained, this can be a tedious task that many people just aren’t too keen on. By renting, the owners are taking care of the important maintenance, so all you have to do is properly use the equipment.


Far Easier to Upgrade

Let’s say that you used a certain set of equipment on a large-scale job you did last year, and it worked out well for you. You saved money without having to purchase, and you haven’t had to worry about maintenance and other issues. So, you’re now looking to rent again. Only this job is a lot more complicated, and you need more sophisticated equipment. This is actually one of the biggest and best benefits of renting your equipment instead of buying it outright. You can easily just step up and upgrade your rental equipment, getting the new-gen, cutting-edge stuff for another great rental rate that’s nowhere near the full purchase price.

When it comes to renting vs. buying, it really does all depend on the size of your business, the number of projects you have, and the use of the equipment. If you don’t need it constantly, then renting is definitely a good way to go, and there are myriad benefits you can experience when going this route. You can find a good local distributor with high-quality equipment that you can rent quickly and easily.