The Internet offers many opportunities and there are many people who run a site. We all have a story that brought to us online and if you are among those many people who see the internet as an opportunity to create and develop a business, whether it is a service presentation website or an online store or owning a personal blog or maybe just because you want to be an influencer.

No matter what your story is, you probably want more attention from the people you could collaborate with, that is, to be more visible in your field, to attract more visitors and to make them search you for what you know to do.

When you consider that it is better to let the professionals deal with optimization and believe in the partnership between an SEO company and a client, you can turn your attention to ADfel Digital Marketing, one of the companies that offers SEO optimization services in Bucharest, for results on the first page of Google.

If you come to this conclusion it means that you are on the right track just that you do not have to think about how to make more money, but to look at it from another perspective such as “how can I make myself better” or “how can I to offer certain services so that people can remember what we have offered“or to sell more than a product, that is “a story” that people will remember and that you can retain, giving little attention when I’m coming back to you.

There are probably a lot of people who care about SEO services and are tuning into your “skin” for a combination of the basics of optimizing a site. However, they are really suitable for marketing, optimization is essential to be better than many people in your field and it is good to know about the important elements, clearly it is essential to optimize a website, such as be a professional.


Short guide to SEO on page

Suppose you studied some keywords or queries that match your goals, namely the creation of a community around certain services or types of products you offer.

In order to get better results, you have to make sure that the respective page in the site is relevant in relation to people’s searches, but also with the competition and carefully watch for the expression to be found in:

  • URL: this is the web address that indicates to both the search engine and the users the page they will be browsing, where they are at the moment and it is important that this address be friendly, without the nodes and parameters that spend the crawling budget of Google agents. or symbols such as # that block the indexing, and it is recommended that their length not exceed 100 characters.

Also, in the case of using an expression, it is good to consider creating the correct URL form from the beginning, using “-” and not “_” because underscore creates a bridge, and the terms will be interpreted by the agents. as being linked to one another.

  • Meta Tags: refers to Meta title and Meta description, two of the most neglected elements by webmasters. Many of the publishers, and here we could include those who receive access to the publication of articles on sites where they are not the owners, rush to publish the PR articles without paying too much attention to particularly important issues such as the exact mention of the expression in the meta title and its length.

For example, currently the maximum accepted length of the title meta is ~ 65 characters. We say about it because Google calculates the length in pixels and not in characters, but these help us webmasters to orient us more easily.

Also, it is important to use the expression in the meta description, but unlike the meta title, it is not necessarily necessary to use the exact form of the keywords and no maximum length. However, if a meta description longer than 155 characters is used for the desktop version, the display in Google will not be complete but with “…” at the end and it is possible that Google will choose the portion that it considers to be most relevant to. user searches.

  • Headings: Among the most important elements that ensure the relevance of the page to people’s searches on Google or other search engines are titles. If you did not know the titles “<title>” are of several types and give a different importance to the surrounding text. For example, the most important title in a web page is the tagged title <h1>, which expressly shows what the page is about and then the tagged titles <h2> and <h3> that replace the main topic. In order to make the page relevant to the expressions searched by online users, it is important to include keywords in titles, but do not overuse them.


Apart from these elements it is good to consider other factors that can influence the high visibility of a site such as:

  • Meta robots: these are of several types, but in principle you must remember that certain modules / plug-ins can generate at installation or update tags such as <meta name = “robots” content = “noindex, nofollow”>, which blocks crawling and indexing pages by Google agents.
  • Website Security: Even though many webmasters in Romania have not given much importance to HTTPS until now, a site can be secured relatively easily with the help of an SSL certificate, often offered free by the hosting service.


In this situation, there are quite a lot of sites in Romania and even across Europe, which will have problems starting with 2020 because Google services like Chrome will block all the sites that are not secure or have mixed content in HTTPS from the unsecured HTTP version.

  • Loading speed: which in the situation when it is low can create a bounce rate from the high page which signals Google that your site is weaker than the competition and does not offer visitors the expectations they were following.

If you choose to consider each of these elements you will be able to generate rapid changes in organic growth of a site and you are one step closer to success.

If you find this small SEO on page optimization guide useful, you must know that it has been made available to you by SEO specialist from ADfel Digital Marketing. Want to know more about ADfel? Visit out official website at and reach us with more details about your most “crazy” online business idea.