Do you want to add in-app purchases to your app? Are you looking for the easiest way to do so? Then, you need to check out Nami. It is the perfect platform for adding in-app purchases. With Nami, Android In-App Purchase can be added in the shortest amount of time possible. This post looks at what Nami has to offer and how you can add In-App purchases as well as subscription products with the help of Nami.

Allows You to Quickly Customize In-App Offer Screens

Nami is a platform that you need to use if you want to make your life a whole lot easier. It allows you to quickly customize in-app offer screens. The pre-made templates of Nami can be used for adding in-app purchases or you can always customize them on your own. With Nami by your side, it is extremely easy for you to adapt users to the communication based on their journey and interests. You can tailor your strategy using Nami depending on whether the visitor is new to the app, someone interested in learning more about the paid products, or a regular user.

Machine learning is used by Nami to identify the behavior patterns of users in order to unlock more opportunities so that you can increase revenue automatically without having to be aggressive with users. The Nami approach to in-app purchases ensures the highest level of end-user privacy and performance.

Engineered for Growth & Built for Developers

When you use Nami to easily add in-app purchases to your app, you will realize that it is engineered for growth and built for developers. Not only do you add in-app purchases to the app, but you also get to build an amazing app experience for users. Nami has been designed to help developers easily deploy in-app purchases in order to significantly boost subscriptions. The app ecosystem client as well as server-side purchase integration points are eliminated by Nami for both Android and iOS for the best experience. Nami provides documentation which helps with all of the aspects of technical implementation in order for you to spend more time creating apps and less time having to worry about integrating the app with Google Play and App Store.

Create In-App Purchases For Free

You can start creating in-app purchases for free when you sign up for Nami. Moreover, you can contact any of the product experts to help create the best app experience possible so that users will continue using the app. The following steps will allow you to add in-app purchase products.

  • Login to Google Play and App Store Connect.
  • Choose “My App” and your app which requires in-app purchases.
  • Select “Features” from the navigation bar and choose “In-App purchases” from the sidebar.
  • Copy the Product Id and Reference Name of the product that you want to add to Nami.
  • Now, head back to Nami Control Center, choose Products and select “+ add a Product”.
  • Add the Product Id and Reference Name in the respective form fields.
  • Add and repeat as needed.