Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon, is the richest man in the world. His assets are shared by his wife MacKenzie, until now, both of whom recently called it quits. Jeff Bezos finalized the biggest divorce settlement in the history leaving MacKenzie with about $36 billion in the form of shares and owning only 75 percent of their stock. With MacKenzie’s heavy shares in billions after the divorce settlement, her position has become 4th in rank among the richest women in the world.

How much did Jeff Bezos lose?

Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie had been experiencing ups and downs since last year when Bezos himself acknowledged the announcements on twitter about his 25-year old marriage ending in divorce. Before their divorce, the power couple was a joint owner of over 16.3% of Amazon’s stock, according to the latest results of SEC. The current market value of Amazon ranges about $889 billion, which raises MacKenzie Bezos’s financial stake of slightly more than 4% is worth about $36 billion. Jeff Bezos’s stake is now only a little more than 12%, which equals to $109 billion.

You can say that although the world’s richest man lost some of his fortune, it is still fair that he is standing at the position of the world’s richest person, according a recent report published by Bloomberg. Next in line is Bill Gates.

Self-Announcement by Bezos and MacKenzie

It is interesting to note that despite their differences, both individuals have respectfully parted ways with a heavy settlement that has the world leaving their eyes open wide. MacKenzie cleared here stance by saying that she would give the voting control of her remaining amazon stock to her ex-husband. According to the reports of US Securities and Exchange Commission, Amazon, has a market capitalization of about $890 billion in total which was worked out for her. Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie both took to social media about their announcement and respectfully stated about their decision regarding the divorce as well as the settlement.

MacKenzie’s Status After the Divorce

As per Forbes, the settlement for MacKenzie has gained her the stance of the fourth wealthiest woman in the world after the Loreal founder Meyers and Walmart’s Alice Walton. Her announcement is news everywhere, and now has an empire of her own. Her settlement has gained her fortune which will add to her assets and her popularity.


Divorce Settlements are quite a smart and clever game to play. This is like a game of chess, you must sacrifice you best, in order to win at the end. Like Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie, it is smart to hire professionals and figure out the best for you while not creating problems yourself. Howard Country Divorce Lawyers can help you in sorting your settlements and divorces in case you need to consult anyone. Jeff Bezos might not seem to have lost a lot, but it has affected his assets even though he still remains the richest man in the world.