Have you heard of high-tech helmets? When we hear about the latest innovations, sports technology doesn’t come to mind. In recent times, technology has rapidly changed the world. There was a time when protective products were not so advanced.

Nowadays, for keeping everyone safe, different protective products are designed. We all know sports injuries can have a devastating and detrimental impact on the body. One of the products that can save from lifetime damage is a high-tech helmet.

Are you wondering how it can help in preventing injuries? In this post, we have mentioned how it protects against injuries.


What is a High-Tech Helmet?

The high-tech helmet is a technological marvel that is designed using the advanced materials and elements to make a safe headgear. There has been no protective equipment that has undergone so much transformation as a helmet. With technological advancement, helmets are evolving quickly.

Though it was believed that helmets are not expected to fully protect your head, technological advancements are making a huge difference. There are four major helmet manufacturers including Vicis, Riddell, Schutt, and Xenith.

There are some companies focusing on the materials, which provide protection and padding inside the helmet. While some focus materials used for the outer shell. Some companies focus on a face mask.

Irrespective of the focus, the main purpose of these companies is to design a helmet that offers the best blend of safety and usability.

Recently, Riddell introduced 3D mapping capabilities that are made to fit individual players. Following the suit of Riddell, Schutt and Vicis have also introduced the customization option that offers a perfect fit for the players.


How Does it Work?

Let’s face it, traditional helmet consists of two layers: an inner foam and a hard polycarbonate outer shell. A high-tech helmet Zero1, by Vicis, is among the helmets that might be able to protect your head against injuries.

This helmet features a four-layered design and every layer has a different function. Yet, all the layers work in collaboration to protect the head of the user.

The outer most layer is known as a lode shell. It is hard to touch and has low- friction. This layer will deform, just like a car bumper, upon impact. The next layer is a core layer that consists of columns; it reduces the impact forces. This layer is effective when it comes in contact with rotational or linear impacts.

After that, the next layer is the arch shell; it is a dispersive layer. This layer is useful for protecting your skull from fracture. The final layer is a form layer that is made using memory foam that offers a customized fit.

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