A lot of people cannot believe when they find out just how long humans have been surveying land. Sure, it’s not as if they had equipment that was anywhere close to as sophisticated as today’s GPS remote systems, but you better believe the ancient Egyptians and Aztecs both had surveying equipment they used to create pyramids. The angles and seams are unnatural for anything but sophisticated equipment being used. These days, of course, our equipment is definitely a lot better. However, it can also be pretty complicated.

What about all those RTK GPS devices and something like a theodolite? These new-age systems available at locations like bench-mark.ca can be confusing. How, exactly, does one go about operating these systems? Of course, if you’re already familiar with this sort of surveying equipment, then you already know the answer. But there are quite a few surveyors who’ve yet to upgrade to the new-gen stuff, and so they might need a quick crash course on what’s happening with today’s tech.


The Operations of a Theodolite

A theodolite is a precision piece of equipment, an optical instrument used for surveying. It’s able to measure angles between points to a high degree of precision. Not only is this a classic tool of surveying, but there are now updated models that are used in all sorts of construction work for buildings, stadiums, parking lots, bridges, etc.

The theodolite is able to work and give the operator an accurate measurement by combing optical plumb bobs (plummets) with the spirit and graduated circles to find both the vertical and horizontal angles. Today’s theodolites are much better, more remote, and they can be programmed and used in conjunction with RTK GPS equipment so that the measurements are as precise as they can get, either for contained, smaller projects or wide-scale infrastructure projects.


Why It Matters Where Your Equipment is Purchased

Not all theodolites are the same. Just like any other piece of tech, from TVs to smartphones and bread machines, the quality matters, and it certainly matters where you purchase the equipment from. Here are some reasons why you should always shop with a quality vendor.

Picture of construction engineer working on building site

1: Guaranteed Quality

The first reason is you get guaranteed quality. Reputable vendors stand behind their products 100% and will gladly replace them if they do not function as advertised. You have to understand that these precision tools are often very intricate, and so every little component matters. So you’re going to want to shop for a high-end model from a reputable vendor if you really want quality.


2: Rental Options Available

The best places to shop also offer you the best deals. Instead of having to buy equipment that you may only use once for a big job, you can simply rent the equipment and then return it. You’re not wasting extra money on the purchase, and you’re not dealing with having to store and maintain this equipment for years to come. Just pick it up and drop it off.


3: Premium Support

You also get far better customer support from the right location. If you’re having any issues at all, from deciding which rental equipment you need to getting it properly set up, a good support team is always there to assist you when you shop with the best vendor. Make sure that the company you’re choosing to do business with offers you the technical support you may require.


4: The Best in New Technologies

Another strong benefit of shopping with the best is that you’re going to get the latest equipment to use in the field. You won’t have any outdated pieces of equipment that are so-so. You will be working with the latest tech so that you can be assured of the proper measurements and GPS links, etc. These are very expensive pieces of equipment, and they’re vital to doing a good job. So it’s important that you’re getting the latest equipment that’s available.

If you want the absolute best results, then your equipment needs to be the best. Find a reputable local vendor today who’s willing to offer rentals, provides technical support and has the latest in surveying options for you. It’s your money and reputation on the line, so make sure you choose correctly.