In order for a hotel to run successfully, it needs a strong PMS, or Property Management System, running behind the scenes that can handle thousands of operations every single day. Having a high quality PMS can completely change the fortunes of any hotel. While there are quite a few PMS options available on the web, there is one by the name of TranquilityNET that is set to capture a large part of the market once it officially launches in 2021.

TranquilityNET is a cloud-based PMS that went into beta development in the beginning of 2020. After several months of testing, over 300 hotels in Iceland have signed on for a “beta-to-launch” program of sorts where they all have signed agreements to test out TranquilityNET in beta phase and fully implement the system once it comes out of beta. This is a strong start for such a new piece of technology and from the looks of it, things can only go up from here. Hotels around the world, specifically those outside of Iceland, will be able to finally get their hands on the system soon.

TranquilityNET is set to launch a steady phase of audit security tests over the next few months which will solidify the security aspects of the system. Since TranquilityNET seems to be focused on security, this is the most important stage before the worldwide launch next year. TranquilityNET is expected to be fully utilized in thousands of hotels by 2022 and has a strong chance of capturing over 15% of the worldwide hotel & lodging market by 2030.

Until the official launch next year, it’s going to be tricky for hotels outside of Iceland to get their hands on the TranquilityNET beta program. Until then, it seems that feedback has been more than positive. The future seems bright for TranquilityNET and hotels that decide to utilize the tech.