Mobile phones have completely changed the way we navigate the world. You can search for the nearest café’s , hospitals and gas stations – stream your favorite films and content  -Run and manage a business online and socialize with as many people as you want with a simple touch on your smartphone.

While smartphones quench your thirst for information and entertainment, they can also help maintain an easy to use surveillance and ensure healthy work parameters for your employees.

Phone trackers are specially designed and modified security applications that can assist monitoring location and data browsing on your fingertips. These immaculately crafted apps and software’s provide real time location updates and security features like parental control, screen sync and much more to ensure the safety of your family and friends.

Mobile phone trackers use Global positioning System technologies (GPS ) to ascertain highly accurate geographical positions , updated in real-time with the use of Wi-Fi or cellular data. This could especially come in handy if you would like to monitor real time location of a targeted device.

Once you have selected an application that works best for you – you can download and set-up the app in your phone and the targeted phone/device that you wish to monitor. Phone tracker apps are compatible with 90% of the smartphones. You can get these apps on both iOS and Android smartphones. These apps can assist your business in the following ways.

Monitor Employees via remote Screen Sync

If you own a business and want to ensure maximum productivity and results you can download a phone tracker on your employees’ phone/device. This can assist you by assuring that work and tasks are carried out seamlessly without you having to be physically present at a particular location. Phone tracker allows you to monitor remotely at your ease.

Set Simulated positioning parameters

You can track work deliveries or the location of your employee at any given time by using these apps. A phone tracker also allows you to set virtual/geo-fencing. You can set a simulated parameter for your targeted phone and receive notifications once the phone arrives or leaves a particular location. Some apps also offer a customized time-specific update feature, which allows the user to receive notifications of live locations at the selected time frame.


Phone tracker also provides parental control. This particular feature can establish Web-Filters. This allows you to filter out explicit content, block apps and prevent unnecessary browsing to ensure the work is carried out swiftly.

Particular apps also allow users to sync their screens with a targeted device. This means you can establish a reversible screen play. You can monitor your staff’s browsing habits, call logs, online and offline activity, battery life and much more.

Furthermore, good phone tracking apps also offer Data and Contact Sync services. This allows the user to sync data including call logs, contacts, email, photos and videos. This Feature ensures recovery and safety of personal data in case you lose your phone. Once the server has been established you can download your data from the targeted phone.

Download a phone tracker now and ensure a swift and productive day of work!