In this age of smartphones and other smart devices, several applications are popping up every day on different platforms, be it iOS or Android. However, most of the time the users get confused about which app they should install on their device and which not. In such a scenario, the only way to assess the credibility of an app, especially the gaming app is to read some genuine reviews about that particular application.

To simplify this process, RedMoonPie is introduced. It is an informative blog that comprises several reviews of different gaming apps available on the World Wide Web. Moreover, this blog also provides download links of the apps that are being reviewed so that the users can download it from there only if they wish.

Features of This Website

Gaming apps the most downloaded applications on the internet for its fan bases are humongous, and they belong from every age group and every part of the world. But all of the apps are not that great or trustworthy. Hence, RedMoonPie offers an in-depth review of almost all the popular gaming apps concentrating on its PROs and CONs.

The in-house writes of this blog take reasonable time before they write down the reviews to ensure accuracy and authenticity. Most of the time, they use the apps for a while so that they can give detailed information about the basic features, functions, performance, stability, and other major aspects of a mobile application. One of the unique features of this website is from its MOD lists people can learn about several cheat codes to pass challenging levels easily. As these updates are given, writers who are themselves gamers in most of the cases, the tricks are error-free and functional.

Another aspect people want to know about any application is whether it steals information or has any severe privacy issues as they are not so uncommon nowadays. The writers are professional enough to list down this aspect as well if any. Along with that, they are also working hard on listing apps and app reviews separately that users can select from the main menu of the blog.

Are APK Files Available on RedMoonPie?

There are thousands of sites that support APK files that are not connected to the Apple Application Store or Google Play store. However, APK files are a one-stop solution for the users who want a free third-party resource for a specific app or game. Hence, the management team of RedMoonPie has decided that they will also provide APK/MOD links of many renowned games or apps. The installation procedure is simple, and even these files are downloadable for free. All the users have to do is download the files and save it on their devices, and the installation process will start automatically. After the successful completion of the process, now users can begin using the app or playing the game. The entire process is hassle-free and less time-consuming, which makes people choose this option frequently.

An Overview of the Site

RedMoonPie consists of several sections, and each of them serves a different purpose.

  • Apps
  • Top apps
  • App reviews
  • MODS
  • Games
  • Game reviews
  • Top games

Users can choose any of these sections according to their requirements. This site is user-friendly and therefore, simple to navigate. The separate MODS section is an interesting option where users can get to learn about several customizations and modifications related to games. Also, if anyone is confused about what game or app he/she should choose or want to try out a new one, then top games and apps categories prove to be useful. They can learn about the latest games or apps that are trending on the web right then and download accordingly.

Another significant aspect of this website is all reviews are 100% unbiased and written only after a specified trial period. However, they are prompt enough to upload any app or game on their website along with detailed reviews of them.

List of Some Popular Games 

Some of the trending games along its APK links and MODS are shared on this website are mentioned below

  • Bloons TD
  • Minecraft
  • Digimon Links
  • Truck Simulator PRO Europe
  • The sun origin
  • Cluedo
  • Beat the Boss 4

These are a few examples of coolest games that are downloaded frequently on the site. Apart from these, there are several others.

Is This Website Secure?

Since security is the pivotal point to consider when users are opting for applications, there are numerous sites that contain viruses, Trojans, malware, adware, and more in the disguise of free content. People should run their device’s security programs to ensure that the downloaded apps are safe and secure from any threat. However, RedMoonPieis curated for the purpose of helping people, and therefore, it is safe from any threat as mentioned earlier whatsoever. Roughly 68 results out of 70 are positive and stated as safe from several online security scanners. Talking of the other two, a few scanners detect errors or show faulty results often, which can be overlooked.

Benefits of Using This Blog

The primary aim of creating this site is to make people aware of their favorite games or new launches. Nonetheless, the benefits are immense, and some of them are listed below.

  1. Authentic, in-depth reviews of games
  2. Download links of several apps and games
  3. MOD links for cheats
  4. Fast upload of new games and its reviews
  5. Not need to log-in or register

Final Talk

With 500,000 players, you can join the troop and experience the best gaming experience. RedMoonPie portal is a unique combination of games and reviews available on the same platform. There are numerous gamers across the globe, and before downloading any game, they want to read real reviews about the game. Several such portals are scattered on the internet, and very few of them publish genuine reviews. In such a scene, this portal is serving the people with its specialized services. Therefore check out this website today to know more about gaming apps and their special features and hidden specifications at your convenience.