Motivation is something that most of us struggle with. No matter how strong you might feel. There are times when you feel like you cannot go on. These are the times when you need to look at funny motivational quotes to get the motivation required for achieving resilience. Now, it is important to note that motivation is not necessary for accomplishing everything in life. However, it makes a huge difference. Hence, it is important that you read the following funny and motivation quotes to push yourself.

  1. “No Matter What You Do, Give It Your All, Unless You Want To Donate Blood.”

Starting with one of the best quotes by Bill Murray, it is important that you give it your all. The last bit of the quote is there to crack you up. However, it does have a point and that point is to give it your all within reason. He is the actor, writer, along with comedian who has an extensive experience in handling stress and motivation.

No matter how tired you might feel. It is important that you do not lose hope. You have to put in your 100% if you want to see results. It is applicable for just about everything. Whether you want to make it big in a career or have an amazing relationship, you have to go all in if you want to be successful.

  1. “Seize The Moment.”

Another excellent quote that you might have heard throughout your life is “Seize the moment”. It is easy to fall in the habit of procrastination. You might feel that you can hold things off. However, it is not good for your health or mind. You will end up going insane if you keep putting things off. To truly take advantage of your time on earth, you need to be willing to seize every opportunity that comes your way. You simply cannot pull it off. Learn to experience the true joy of living by eliminating procrastination from your life.

  1. “People Will Tell You That Motivation Does Not Last. You Should Simply Tell Them That Bathing Does Not Last Either.”

Hilary Hinton is the mastermind behind the funny and motivation quote. The American motivational speaker, salesman, and author know the secret to life. He never gave up even when her motivation level fell. His name continues to live to this day. When people needed inspiration or felt lost, they turned to quotes by Hilary Hinton to keep pushing. His quote simply connects with everyone. Motivation is a habit that you need to learn to cultivate.

  1. “If You Feel That You Are Going Through Hell, You Must Keep Going”.

Although Winston Churchill is a controversial person, his quote about pushing through difficult times inspired a generation. He experienced a great deal of suffering throughout his life but did not give up. His perseverance allowed him to serve two terms.


Now that you have read this post, you can take advantage of the funny and motivational quotes mentioned in this post. They will inspire you in ways that you cannot express.