If you have an EV and are interested in installing a Level 2 charger at home, this post is just for you. It is a good idea to install the Level 2 charger in your carport or garage. Make sure to hire a certified electrician to help protect your EV and your home. The electrician must have completed Electric Vehicle Infrastructure training. It will ensure that the electrician can get the job done right. Look for a qualified electrician and make sure to ask around. Once you have hired a certified electrician for EV charger installation, you will need to do the following.

  1. Home Eligibility

The first thing that you need to do is confirm whether your home is eligible for EV charger installation. You can do this by paying a visit to your municipality. The Technical Safety board should also be able to help you out. Make sure to speak with them to find out if your home is eligible for the installation before you proceed with it. Moreover, a certified electrician would only work on the installation if your home is eligible.

  1. Electrical Service

The next thing that you need to do is determine if your home has a sufficient flow of electricity. It should be enough to help support with the EV charging. You might need to consider electrical service extensions for upgrading the current system if is not able to power your EV.

  1. Electrical Panel

Make sure to check the electrical panel to see if there is enough space for accommodating the circuit break for the EV charge station. You would need an electrician to help you if there is not enough space.

  1. Charger

If you intend to apply for a rebate, you would need to select and purchase the EV charger. Do not forget to choose the right model. Learn about the different EV charger options that are available to you before you proceed.

  1. Electricity Permit

If you want to install an EV charger, you might also need to get an electrical permit from your municipality. You can apply at the Technical Safety board as well. The electrician will help you with getting the electricity permit.

  1. Installation

Finally, the EV charging station will be installed. Keep in mind that you would need a safety office to get the electrical work properly inspected before the wiring is connected or concealed. The electrician also had to fill the contractor consultation form once the installation has been completed. It is crucial for applying for that rebate.

  1. Inspection

Once the EV charger installation is complete, the municipality or Technical Safety board will inspect the installation. The electrician would do this if they had completed the installation.

  1. Rebate

Now that everything has been done, you can finally apply for that rebate by submitting your application.



This post will help you ensure successful EV charger installation. As more and more people install an EV charger, the process has become a lot easier.