Are you planning a trip to Europe? Do you want to know which electronics you are allowed to take during your trip? Then, this post is just for you as it looks at the electronics that you can take for your trip to Europe. If you are planning on taking a trip to Europe and have already received your Schengen Visa, chances are that you want to bring your electronics along on your journey. Electronics play a huge role in our lives and it is nearly impossible to live a convenient life without life. Between laptops, digital cameras, tablets, and smartphones, which of the electronics should you take during your trip to Europe. This post will help answer all the questions you might be having in your mind.

Basics of European Electronics

The main differences between European electronics and electronics from any other part of the world are the shape of electrical plugs and voltage. In Europe, a more powerful 220 volts is used. Keep in mind that you should be careful of bringing low-end electronics along such as electric shavers, hair straighteners, curling irons, and hair dryers. Avoid anything which heats up. Moreover, you can use a voltage converter for such items. You can use a European plug adapters to ensure that you can regularly charge your electronics. If you plan to Study in Germany, then, you need to be aware of which electronics to bring along for your stay.

Laptops & Tablets

Whether you are going on a trip to Europe for a holidays or plan to study in Europe, you might want to bring your laptop along. However, if you have a big traditional laptop, it might be better to leave it at home. It is better to take a notebook with you because notebooks are much lighter/ smaller. You can bring your tablet such as an  iPad along on your trip.

Portable Hard Drives & Flash Drives

Portable hard drives and flash drives are things of the past. Besides, anyone can easily forget them on their flight or at the hotel. Hence, even though it is perfectly fine to bring portable hard drives or flash drives on your trip to Europe, it is better to opt for the cloud. But, you would need internet for that. Therefore, plan accordingly.

 Digital Cameras

With so much beauty in Europe, you would want to capture the art, monuments, gorgeous countryside, architecture, and castles using your digital camera. It is crucial for bringing your memories along with you even when you leave Europe. Photographs are the best souvenirs from your travels. Thus, you should bring take your digital camera on your trip.


Finally, this post would not be complete without smartphones. No matter where you go in the world, you cannot travel without your smartphone by your side. Ever since the first smartphone was introduced, our lives have completely changed. A smartphone is crucial for an unforgettable trip. Besides, there are many smartphone apps that will make your trip a lot easier.