One of the most popular questions that people tend to be curious about is whether social media activity has an impact on Google rankings. If you want to find out how social media could be affecting your Google rankings, then this post is just for you. Even though social media shares are somewhat correlated to better rankings, it does not mean that they lead to better rankings. It is common for a post to be shared thousands of times on Twitter or Instagram without necessarily appearing in Google’s search engine results. Instead, the truth behind why social media appears to lead to a boost in your ranking could be due to the following reasons.

  • Content that is shared many times is also seen many times.
  • It is common for shared content to get linked to other websites.
  • These additional backlinks cause better rankings.
  • And the improved rankings end up increasing social media activity in return and the abovementioned cycle continues.


The Hidden Truth behind Social Media Activity’s Effect on Your Google Rankings

There is actually a hidden truth behind social media activity and it is crucial for you to understand this. Although having more Instagram followers is important and is the reason why people should always be on the lookout for ways to get free Instagram followers, there is something that people overlook. Social media marketing specialists know that in actuality it is not the social media activity which matters but rather happens as a result of it.

Utilization of Social Media for Boosting Ranking Signals

There are certain ranking signals that you should be aware of. By looking at these signals and utilizing social media for helping boost them will do wonders for your ranking on the search engine. Co-occurrence, co-citation, link earning, and brand authority are all crucial when it comes to digging deeper into the power of social media and impacting your SEO presence. If you want to harness the power of social media, then the following tips will be extremely useful.

  1. Create Likable Content That Is Worth Linking

The first thing that you need to always focus on is creating content which is actually working liking and linking. If your website content has been poorly written or is uninteresting, or if it has very little content, then, why would anyone want to visit your site? Self-promotional content needs to be advertised in the best way possible. When creating content, your focus should be on creating content that is less salesperson and more informational.

  1. Avoid Trying To Build Links over Social Media

Link building over social media is not the best course of action. Even though sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are authoritative, links from your personal accounts to these sites would not be considered as such. The links from the majority of the personal accounts are treated as not-followed and will not pass search engine reputation. Thus, you need to think of new avenues like building the right social media following and attracting them to your site.