In the tech industry, every new year means a whole new collection of systems to try out. Speaking of new systems, Denon has successfully brought forward two new mini Hi-Fi receivers, adding to its already remarkable collection. With the Denon CEOL RCD N10, the company aims to overcome some previous faults of theirs and begin introducing new trendy features that all customers would enjoy.

The Important Features

In every receiver, features like the CD, tuner, Wi-Fi streamer and Bluetooth transmission are essential. This makes these few features extremely basic yet important to upgrade each year to ensure that the customer remains satisfied. Practically speaking, the Denon CEOL RCD N10 is especially designed for those individuals who are on the search for a distinct yet practical hi-fi installation in their homes. Fitted with a 2×65 W amplifier speaker, the Denon RCD N10 is accessible through an audio CD player, a USB port, Wi-Fi streaming (including AirPlay on iPhone), the DLNA protocol and an old-school Bluetooth receiver.



In simpler, less technical language, this receiver is well-equipped with every basic feature you will require in your home. You can listen to your own CDs, the radio, multiple different audio files, UHD TV, Blu-ray discs and even Spotify.

The Power

If there’s one thing that stands out from the Denon CEOL RCD N10, that is the sound of its amplification module. The class-D power stage is able to deliver a great amount of power overall and even in continuous motion throughout the vast sound spectrum. This amazing power rating is capable of driving compact speakers and even many types of floorstander speakers (specifically smaller ones that are fitted with two woofers and a tweeter).

The Style & Aesthetic

One of the biggest advantages of the new Denon CEOL RCD-N10 is its sleek design and the user-friendliness it offers. The large monochromatic OLED screen allows the display of information to be extremely clear and specific, making it easily readable even from several meters away. All track titles are clearly displayed on the front panel screen while they are being played, and are also accessible through the Denon mobile app.

In addition to the receiver itself, even the remove control has a well-thought out layout, making it very easy to operate. The overall look of the receiver is also sleek and stylish, and it would be a great addition to any room.

The Audio Input Options

Denon CEOL RCD-N10 receiver comes with two digital optical inputs that can be used to connect a TV and a player simultaneously. Additionally, there is a third connector present as well that allows you to connect a DAP or any analog source for the receiver. The significant upgrade to this year’s design is that the receiver can also be connected to a turntable under some specific conditions. The front panel also features a USB port that makes the receiver compatible to MP3, M4A, FLAC and ALAC audio files.

The Takeaway

Easily said, it is quite difficult to point out any serious drawback of the Denon CEOL RCD-N10 as it appears to work extremely well with most compact speakers and even most small footstander speakers. For anyone who’s been on the lookout for an all-purpose, compact receiver that is compatible with most popular streaming services and external devices, the Denon CEOL N-10 appears to be a great choice. While you’re searching for receivers and deciding on what to purchase, make sure you have some amazing rap beats to go along with that!