As more and more people use smartphones, there is a greater demand for apps. Gone are the days when web apps were the norm. In order to meet the increase in demand for apps, businesses are investing heavily in creating their own app for iOS and Android. Users do not have the time to use a web app and instead only use apps. Hence, if you want users to use your web app, it is best that you covert it into an app for iOS and Android. If you are new to the app world, then, there is nothing to worry about because you can use Web View Gold for converting your web app into a smartphone app that can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play with No Code needed at all.

Easy Setup

Web View Gold has made it extremely easy for web app owners to convert their web app into a smartphone app which can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play. It ensures easy setup. When you use Web View Gold, you can rest assured knowing that your app can be set up based on the platform in mere seconds and not hours. All you need to do is insert the URL or the local HTML folder of the existing web app or website and everything will be handled by Web View Gold. It does not get better than this. Download the app template today by simply inserting the website address. Moreover, the platform is offering the hottest Spring Sale which is valid for up to 30th April, 2020. Take advantage of the sale and save about 25 percent of the cost.

No Coding Required

One of the reasons why Web View Gold has become extremely popular is due to the fact that users do not need to possess any coding knowledge. Even if you have never tried coding in your life, you can easily inset the URL on Web View Gold and let it take care of the web app conversion. Now, you get to create an app for iOS and Android without any coding skills. Convert all of your web apps into smartphone apps without worrying about any coding hassles.

Approval Guarantee

The best thing about Web View Gold is that it offers apps that are 100 percent ready for the App Store and Google Play. Moreover, if you face any issues, you can ask for a full refund. Thus, Web View Gold is the best option when it comes to converting web app into smartphone apps.

Exceptional Performance

Web View Gold creates smartphone apps that offer exceptional performance. It means that when Web View Gold converts the web app, you can expect the app to be faster than ever before. Since time is money and the fact that users only like to use apps that are fast, your app will be downloaded more.


If you want to convert your web app into an app for iOS and Android, all you need to do is head over to Web View Gold and insert your URL. Web View Gold will take care of everything else.