Life has changed drastically over the period of a few months. With summer upon us, all our plans have been postponed. As the sun shines, we all need to go out to run errands or to take in the sun. Hence, there is a need to wear a surgical disposable mask. However, it is important to note that there are alternatives to surgical disposable masks since the CDC recommends that people should opt for cloth face coverings as there is a shortage of surgical disposable masks. Since it is difficult to maintain social distancing at all times, we need to wear a mask.

Effectiveness of Surgical Disposable Masks

To prevent the spread of Covid-19, a face covering is recommended. It acts a barrier against respiratory droplets that travel into the air or onto other’s clothing. When people who have been infected talk, sneeze, or cough, they can spread the virus which is why they need to wear a surgical disposable mask. It is known as source control. Emerging evidence reveals that face coverings help reduce the spray of droplets. Covid-19 is mainly spread among people who come into close contact with others. Whenever it is not possible to stay away from people and maintain a 6-feet distance, it is crucial that you keep your face covered.

Who Needs To Wear A Mask?

Everyone who intends to visit a public setting needs to wear a mask. However, children under the age of 2 should not have their face covered. Whenever you cannot maintain social distancing, you must wear a mask. Covid-19 can also spread by people who are asymptomatic and are unaware of the fact that they are infected. This is why everyone has to follow the guidelines of the CDC. Besides just surgical masks, cloth face coverings should be worn to reduce the spread of the virus. If it is not possible to wear a mask, you should avoid making contact with others.

People Who Think or Know That They Have Covid-19

If you think that you might have Covid-19 and feel sick, you should avoid visiting public spaces. Stay at home as much as possible and only venture outside if you require medical care. Stay inside a specific room and keep away from everyone including your pets. Cover your face with a mask even when you are at home if you do not live alone. When you cover your face, you get to prevent the virus from spreading to others as the respiratory droplets would be contained and would not reach others.


If you are caring for someone who has Covid-19, you must wear a surgical disposable mask. But, it might be better to use a cloth mask as it protects one from inhaling the virus. Preventive actions such as disinfecting surfaces, frequently washing the cloth mask, avoiding touching your mouth, nose, and eyes, as well as cleaning your hands will help prevent caregivers from getting sick.


The considerations mentioned in this post will help everyone take the right decision when it comes to using a surgical disposable mask.