If you are a beginner in photography, looking to buy a new camera, then you should know what to look for while buying a new camera. Nowadays, cameras come with many features, and we will be using less than 50 percent of these features.

First thing you need to do is to fix your budget. Once this is done, you can start comparing different types of camera from different manufacturers.



There is a common misconception that higher the megapixels better the image quality. But, this is partially wrong. Higher megapixels are useful if you are planning, do big prints. You will be mostly using your photos for the web and may take A4 or A3 size prints. For this requirement, 12 to a 15-megapixel camera is enough

It is not the number of megapixels that matters but the size of each pixel. Higher the pixel size better the image quality. Higher megapixels come with two disadvantages also. The image tends to get noisier at higher ISOs. The final image size will be large, so you will have to invest more in storage devices.


2.Camera Brand

Which Brand to go for is the most confusing question for any beginner. There are major brands like Canon, Nikon, and Sony. So, I would suggest getting hold of a camera from each of your favorite Brand to see which one is more user-friendly. It varies from person to person. So, it is essential to give a try.

Another part is the serviceability and cost of service. You need to make sure that there are good service centers for the selected camera brand in your area and the repair costs should be within your budget. You can easily find this information online.


3.Type of Photography

You would be interested in a particular type of photography like landscape, wildlife, or any others. So, ensure that you have good lens choices for the kind of photography you are planning to do. The price of the lens should be within your budget. For a beginner, you can shoot landscape and people with the kit lens itself, and later do editing work on the images if needed.

If you are planning to upgrade your lens at a later stage, then check for the upgrade options also.


  1. Camera Features

You should always look for the camera specifications and features like Wifi, GPS, and other special features. Whenever the camera manufacturer adds additional features, you need to pay an extra amount for this feature.

For example, if the camera supports Wifi, then it would cost little extra than a model which doesn’t have this feature. So, if you are not planning to use the Wifi, then better to select one without the wireless function. It will help you to save some money as well as camera battery.

So, list out all the features which you are looking for in the camera and choose one accordingly. It will ensure that you are not missing any must-have features.