Amidst the plethora of clothing-related websites on the internet, a few manage to stand out. Many clothing brands sometimes lack variety or quality and sometimes they are very expensive. Unlike these sites, the online shopping handle Nasty Gal appears to outshine all of its contemporaries.


Origin and Reach of Nasty Gal

Initially, Nasty Gal found its headquarter in Los Angeles in 2006 but later it was taken over by the “BooHoo Group” in 2017. High on fashion, this American shopping website has sprung a pretty good number of its franchise all around the world. It has acquired quite of its name in the UK and other countries.  The reason behind why Nasty Gal is so widely in demand is because it is blatantly true to its brand.


Everything Under One Brand

The intention behind this brand is to provide high quality and variable fashion clothes for young women. It sells everything that usually creates a buzz among the youthful ladies. From body con to baggy clothes, black to neon to floral prints and colours, high heels to flat footwear, including the glitzy accessories, the website has got you all covered!


Things to Remember Before Returning

The great deal is that, if you do not like a product from Nasty Gal and wish to return, then this process is also very customer-friendly like other websites including Asos Returns. Let us first have a look at the brand’s policies which you should abide by if you want to return it.

  • Nasty Gal has a strict time frame within which you can return the product. The maximum time limit is 45 days and it is counted from the day you receive your product.
  • Of course, since you want to return the product you are expected to reinstate the product in its best form. Just the way it was delivered to you. If there are clothes then they need to be unworn and unwashed. They absolutely need to be in their decent state. If there are shoes, then definitely they should not be worn outside. The product should be absolutely hygienic if they are undergarments. Keep in mind that the hygienic seal is still there.
  • Beauty products are strictly non-returnable, due to hygienic reasons


Process for Returning

Now, let us have a look at the process of returning products;

As the time limit is restricted to 45 days, hence return the product within this time-frame. Moreover, the return process is free of cost. Firstly, repack the product and visit the “Returns Portal”.  Log in to your account to select an option for the return which you prefer. Finally, click on submit. Once your request gets processed, you will be all set to return. Post your product and keep an online track on it. On your product getting successfully returned, you will receive a confirmation mail.

Hence, this website is absolutely customer-friendly and pure as a brand. You are likely to love everything that you see here. Moreover, it’s easy to order as well as return on Nasty Gal.