Aloha POS is the ultimate cloud-based retail solution that has been designed for different types of dining restaurants which include fine dining, fast casual, quick service and casual dining restaurants. The system can be used on fixed POS terminals, built-for-purpose devices and consumer mobile devices. Aloha POS also supports on-premise services. It can be used for payments, entering orders, streamlining food, and delivery, and improving overall operations. If you are looking to learn more about Aloha POS, then this review is just for you as it looks at all the pros and cons of the system.

The programming and architecture of the solution is consistent across various websites. This ensures that employees operate the system if it has been used previously for a different website. Other main features include sales commissions, special orders, credit card processing and a barcode scanner. The inventory management capabilities of the system include purchase orders, inventory reports, automated ordering and inventory tracking.

The main benefit of Aloha POS is that it unifies all the various facets of restaurant management with its versatile software to offer businesses an effective way to manage their company. It also has a theft detection feature which reduces the risk of theft considerably.

When dining establishments use Aloha POS, they have a unified solution which covers all the various processes that are involved in running the business and brings together the aspects of running the restaurant. The platform easily handles convenient ordering, monitoring of employees and tableside ordering via smartphones.

Created By NCR

Aloha POS has been created by NCR which is renowned as one of the leading technology companies in the world. Ever since it has been founded in the year 1884, NCR has continuously offered amazing transaction solutions. It is ideal for retail businesses, banks and restaurants.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, NCR offers its services in over 180 countries throughout the world. Thus, the company has been able to develop the best self-checkout, cash register, and magnetic credit card solutions. With their experience in revolutionizing the way businesses way, NCR has launched Aloha POS as a solution for restaurants. All the must-have capabilities can be found in the system.

Pros of Aloha POS

There are many reasons why Aloha POS is the ultimate restaurant or business solution. Read on to find out the many pros in favor of the system.

Versatile Software

One of the main reasons for its popularity is versatility of software. The Aloha POS has software which can be easily customized to suit the changing needs of the business. It adapts to new requirements of the business as it grows such as increased in fixed terminals and handheld devices for handling more orders. The system is simple and has an easy to use interface. Thus, the system is popular among bartenders, cashiers and servers.

Theft Detection Feature

As mentioned earlier, the theft detection feature of the software is powerful and is able to find out employee fraud and it deals with theft in real-life. Aloha POS can be used as on-premise solution or a cloud-hosted service. It is an award-wining software solution that has changed the way businesses work. NCR is the famous enterprise technology leader that has created this software to help restaurants.


Another great thing about Aloha POS is the fact that it is extremely affordable. It is one of the best restaurant POS systems out there. Packed with industry-specific capabilities, Aloha POS is just what restaurants need to take their business to the next level. It is the ultimate cloud-based solution which makes operations management an easy task.

Powerful Payment Functioning

When you use Aloha POS, you get to take advantage of its powerful payment functioning. It supports delivery and order taking. The software is perfect for restaurants and bars. Proprietary hardware is also offered with the Aloha POS software.

Integration with Third-Party Services

The Aloha POS offers integration with third-party services. This makes it easy to manage payments and enhances the functionality of the software. By integrating with third-party services, convenience is ensured and less time is spent on using other services.

Sleek User Interface

With a sleek user interface that is easy to use, it is obvious why businesses such as restaurants and bars rely on Aloha POS for all their heavy lifting. The software features are continuously updated which ensures that the system remains updated and has all the latest features needed to run a business. Furthermore, the powerful marketing tools provided by the system make it easy to target potential customers and retain old customers. The user interface is simple and prior experience of using the software is not required as anyone can use the system.

Generates In-Depth Reports

In order to manage a business and ensure that the right decisions are made, Aloha POS offers in-depth reports which make it possible to obtain useful information to make decisions. Forecasting and employee evaluation can be easily done with the in-depth reports.  Restaurants can figure out which products/ foods/ bottles that the customers do not like. This helps ensure that customer buying behavior is learned and adopted to retain and attract new customers.

Cons of Aloha POS

Now, it is impossible for software to have no disadvantages at all. However, Aloha POS only has a few disadvantages as mentioned below.

Difficult to Set Up

It might be difficult for you to set up the solution. Small restaurants find the system to be expensive. Making changes can be complicated for new users. Navigating the house functionality can be hard. If the restaurant sets up the system in house, it can be confusing to do so. Technical knowledge is required for setting up the system.

Customer Service

The customer service is not the best when it comes to Aloha POS. There is lacking when it comes to the customer service as it can be difficult to get to the right person for help. Furthermore, you might not find the problem being resolved despite contacting customer service. However, eventually you will find someone who will guide you through the issue that you are facing.