Choosing a web hosting service for businesses is one of the most important tasks. But small businesses and startups need guidance in this constant so that they can get the hosting according to their requirements. WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used content management systems. If you are one of the users looking to start your business using WordPress as the CMS, this blog will certainly cater to your needs.

When you start searching for hosting service, you will come across hundreds and thousands of websites online. Just in the region of the US and Canada, you will find hosting services, and their sheer number will overwhelm you. So, how to get the best service in this scenario? Getting the support from a hosting service offering SSD and Is also WordPress optimized is what can make the real difference.

Let me offer you the above mentioned two options that will be perfect for you.


Before I start, let me describe SSD and HDD for my readers so that they will have a better understanding of what I am going to describe in the subsequent paragraph. SST stands for solid-state drive, and HDD is for a hard disk drive. The hard disk, in the present form, is in use for over three decades now. On the other hand, SSD is also an old technology but is still very fast as compared to HDD.

HDD uses a magnetic coated disc that spins at high speed, and the data is written and read through the mechanical arm that moves back and through the drive. On the contrary, SSD uses Solid State Drive, just like flash drives, and that’s why they are very quick as compared to HDD.

Have you ever thought about the reason why an SSD is much more expensive than HDD? I hope the description mentioned above clears your mind in this concern. And that is one of the reasons why SSD based hosting also gets good cloudways reviews as compared to other ones. Now, let me focus back on the hosting aspect and how SSD helps in this regard.

The Advantage of SSD Hosting

As described earlier, SSD hosting has a clear advantage over HDD hosting because of the quick access to data and the ability to write data also in a flash. The lack of mechanical parts is one good reason why the access to SSD is so much faster. When you use HDD hosting, the slow performance of your website will be a hindrance to your visitors.

In the fast-paced cyberspace, no one has the time to look for a website to load. Even a few seconds is enough for most of your visitors so that they will leave your website for good. That’s one big loss for you in using HDD based hosting service. And that’s where SSD-based hosting scores.

When you use SSD-based hosting services, you will ensure that your website’s performance will be enhanced considerably. Your visitors will be able to go through your website very quickly as all the pages will load in a flash. Even on a slow connection, your website’s fast speed will enable every visitor to load a page very quickly. This is one major advantage for you as a visitor who will be able to go through your complete website will be implied to make a positive decision about buying a product.

WordPress Optimized Hosting Service

There are several ways in which you can get web hosting and WordPress optimized hosting; you will get many benefits. The speed of a website is one of the most important factors on which Google ranks a website. A slow website cannot get a good ranking on Google. WordPress is one of the fastest hosting platforms and perhaps the best CMS around.

If you think you can use the services of a cheap dedicated servers to your advantage, it will be good for you.

Websites will be loaded in a flash, and that’s why using WordPress, coupled with SSD hosting, is the way to go. I know that some of my readers would want to ask about the price of the hosting service based on SSD and WordPress. While the price of SSD and HDD has some differences, when it comes to hosting, the difference is negligible. Why is it so? Let me define this aspect in a bi detail so that you can understand why SSD is the hosting service you need.

At a single time, hosting hundreds of customers. And in this way, they make sure that the price they are offering to their customers is just about the same as what they will get in HDD hosting. This is a necessary aspect because the hosting services know that if they offer expensive services based on SSD, most of the users will switch towards HDD. Especially small businesses and startups try to save as much money as they can. And this is why SSD will not make a hole in your pocket and will be extremely effective and efficient too.

Final Word

Still, there may be some of my readers who will be skeptical about the performance of SSD. You can always check about SSD drives and the performance of HDD. You can confirm this from any of your friends or colleagues. And they will tell you that SSD is a far greater and efficient Technology than HDD. The world is moving fast on SSD, and the hosting will also follow suit.

If you still think that some issues are bothering you in this regard, you can always get the SSD hosting service for a few days and check the performance. And while for another website, you can get HDD hosting. When you use both the services simultaneously, it will be very easy for you to judge the performance of both the websites. And SSD will emerge as a clear winner.

If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or want to ask a question, you are more than welcome. If you want to give your feedback too, please use the comments section below.