Website designing is one of the most challenging fields. Most people see it as just wandering around and sprinkling some colors on the website. But in reality, it takes a lot of hard work and brain processing.

Being a design manager in one of the e-commerce websites I have some experience in a design firm so I can easily give some tips for you to follow. What I realized is that most of the Entrepreneurs or small business owners operate in what we call ‘tunnel vision’ for the website.

The owner might develop a great website that can drive traffic but if the design goes wrong, all will be ruined. Here I would like to share some proven tips that can help you to convert your visitors into customers.

1) First design in Gray color, then add more colors to it

Before getting into actual design mode. First, ask your designer to design the mockup in gray color. The advantage you will get in designing in gray color is that you will be able to pinpoint any gaps that can trouble the end-user.

2) Use fonts that sell

Do you know it was proven that if you put your call to action button in ‘Helvetica’ font your ROI will increase by 38%? Yes, not kidding. This was proven by analyzing more than 10,000 websites. The fonts you use to leave an impact on your visitor.

Oftentimes the font we use to create a direct impact on our user. We might not realize it at first but if we can influence the behavior of the user by using the influential fonts that ate in the market.

3) Bury the social media platforms

Gone are times when companies used to display all their social media icons in front. Now is the time to keep the social media icons in the footer. If the user is interested they will get back to you on social media.

4) Simplify User Experience

Much has been said about creating a wonderful user experience. Companies are focusing much on the design experience. If you even consult a Web Design Agency they will also force you to simplify the navigation and keep the options to a minimum. This is because, in order to grab the attention of the user, you need to make the user focus on things that matter the most.

If the user gets stuck while browsing the website it means that the website needs more simplicity.

It’s necessary to make websites as simple as possible. When this happens, users will start referring your website to friends and their family.

5) Remove the extra bars

When designing a website make sure to include only those elements that are important. At times the designer adds sidebars to take up some space. Avoid that. Instead, use it for some promotional banner or social proof for your customer.

Plus removing the extra sidebar will surely increase your click through rates.

6) Use Colors from Nature

Are you confused which colors you want to use on your website? Take some inspiration from Mother Nature. Use the colors that are natural and these colors will leave a peaceful and pleasing effect on the eyes on your users.

This will not just inspire people, it will give people a sense of peace to their eyes. This will force them to trust your website and place order on your website.

7) Step away for some inspiration

At times you might be stuck in a concept and it takes all your energy. When you move away from your computer you will get the concept right in your mind. Creativity needs some space and when you give your brain some space to think you get results that are sure-shot to create an impact. Next time you are short of ideas, give yourself a break.

8) Change your mood swings with Pinterest

If you find yourself assembling inspiration and ideas for a fresh website, or you’re redesigning part of your website, you wish an effective way to collect your inspiration and an apron spot for future reference.

It is said that you are available for you on Pinterest to develop a mood board of the preferred images, colors, layouts, patterns, sample websites and concept material? Another great advantage of Pinterest tends to be that other designers create and share mood boards too, and they’ve already curated lots of resources which you can use.

9) Use large fonts

As discussed, earlier typography matters a lot. Small text is difficult to read. While a large font gets more attention and usually gets more clicks. One smart way to get more attention from your user is to use large fonts in your heading. Use your keywords in your headings. In this way, your fonts will be effectively utilized.

To conclude it all, a good web design is like a well-dressed salesman knocking at your door. You know you don’t have the cash to buy what he is selling, but you most definitely would like to hear what he has to say.