Purchasing an e-bike is no piece of cake; it is easy to simply go into a store, pick out the best-looking e-bike, and be on your way. However, buying an e-bike is more than just picking one out, as when you make a decision to buy a car on Autoankauf. There are several factors that should be considered before you decide on which e-bike you want to end up with. Well, these are 8 major things that you need to know before you make that final decision of buying an e-bike.

  1. What Your Needs Are For the E-Bike

Different types of e-bikes are designed specifically for different types of things and for different types of people.  You need to know what your specific needs are for an e-bike in order to narrow down your options of what with what features would be best suited for you. If you are one to make commutes, then the commuter bike should be your target, and if you are looking for portability, then the folding bike is what you need. If it is simply comfort that you require from a bike, then you should be looking for a hybrid/comfort bike that provides the most comfort for you. If you are looking to go hiking or climb hills with your bike, then you should be looking for a mountain bike, one with wide enough tires for this terrain. Whatever your need is for an e-bike, it should help guide you on selecting your most suitable options.

  1. What Sensor Is Best For You

When you are looking to purchase an e-bike, getting to understand the type of sensors that are available and getting to know the types of sensor that is suitable for your pedal assist are important in making a final decision. There are two types of sensors, the rotation, and the torque and generally, they both perform the general function of helping to propel your bike into moving forward by sensing the movement of the pedal when you turn your crank.

Rotation Sensors: This sensor is one that can sense your pedal movement and can even sense how fast you are going when you put effort on the pedal but, this sensor cannot sense how much effort you are putting on the pedal.

Torque Sensor: This sensor is one that can sense when you pedal, how fast you are going when you put effort on the pedal, and just how hard the pressure that you put on the pedal is.

  1. Get To Know and Understand the Pedal Assist and the Throttle

When you are thinking of purchasing an e-bike, you need to bring yourself to understand about the pedal assist and the throttle. A lot of people who want to buy e-bikes seem to think that come with either a pedal assist or a throttle; the truth is; basically all e-bikes come with pedal assist; however, throttle does not come in all e-bikes. As a matter of fact, while they are illegal in a lot of countries, they are quite legal in the USA. When you are buying an e-bike lookout for the kind of throttle it has and just to have the option of either, you may want to consider a bike that has both a pedal assist and a throttle.

  1. Position of the Battery

The batteries of different e-bikes would differ depending on what purpose the bikes are built for; however, generally, e-bike batteries can be categories into two:

Built-In Batteries: These batteries are rechargeable and generally, are more aesthetically pleasing especially those which have the batteries built into the frame of the bike. While this is the pleasing part about it, the difficult part is the charging of the battery. While it is all good and fine when you ride it home and plug it in the comfort of your garage, it is more difficult when you are riding it inside the city, and you need a place to recharge. This means that wherever you want to park this type of e-bike should be a place that has an accessible place to charge it.

Removable batteries: These are generally kept under lock and key for obvious reasons, and they are actually more practical as you can simply remove and replace them rather than have to look for a place to recharge every time you are low on battery. This also means that with spares, you can ride our e-bike for a longer distance; however, they are simply not as stylish as the built-in ones.

  1. the Location of the Motor Based On Your Need

When you want to purchase an e-bike, you should bear in mind that the motor can be in any of three locations on the bike and these locations have their pros and cons. Depending on what you need an e-bike for, you should be able to choose which of these three motor location is best suited for you.

Front Wheel Motor: This type of motor is the easiest and most cost-effective to install and remove. However, it does not have a very favorable center of gravity and as a result, riding it can take a long time to get used to.

Middle Motor: This type of motor actually does have a low center of gravity, and it is stable since it is mounted directly on the frame. The con here is that this motor causes a high rate of wear on the chain and also causes transmission of power indirectly.

Rear Wheel Motor: This motor type has a very good center of gravity, and it sends the drive wheel a direct transmission of power. However, this motor is costly to maintain as well as to install and to remove.

  1. Gear Lever Based On Your Need

When purchasing an e-bike, you should know that most of them require a gear shifter and the type of gear shifter that you should opt for should be primarily based on what you need the bike for. For a regular e-bike that is meant for riding in the city or around countrysides that have a flat terrain, you would be fine with purchasing one that has a seven-speed gearbox however, if you need an e-bike for the purpose of hiking or climbing hills or steep terrains, then you would want to opt for an e-bike that has more gears. This is because when riding within the city, you usually have a speed limit of 15 mph, and for this speed, a seven-speed gearbox is suitable, however, when outside city limits, and climbing hills, you would need to adjust your speed accordingly, and for this, you would need more gears on your bike.

  1. Capacity of the Battery

Different battery manufacturers supply information containing the capacity of their batteries in different ways, some are in amp hours while others are in watt-hours; because of this, it may be difficult to calculate and compare the capacity of the battery. There is actually, a formula that can help make calculating your battery capacity easier.

V * ah = Wh – this means that the voltage multiplied by the amp hours would give you the watt-hours.

Depending on the manufacturer of the battery, this formula that helps you compare different battery capacities. The importance of knowing the battery capacity is because many times, the range of the bike does not matter. What really matters is how many workloads the battery can be under and how much load the battery can carry in order to fully conserve it.

  1. Check the Warranty on Any E-Bike You Wish To Purchase

When you are buying an e-bike, you should really look into the warranty and make sure that it is in order. When buying an e-bike, you want to be sure that you are making an investment of at least a one-year warranty. This warranty should include parts, battery, and motor. Most manufacturers would include a warranty for battery but would exclude batteries that are used outside the normal range; however, if the e-bike is above $2000, the warranty should include batteries used outside the normal range.

Before you make your decision about what e-bike you would finally purchase, these eight factors are things that you need to carefully take into consideration in order to make sure that you are getting a bike that is not just of a very good quality but that it has the major components that you need to suit your specific need. Knowing the different necessary components of an e-bike and their different uses would help really narrow your options when you decide you are ready to pick out a suitable bike.


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