I know plenty of people will agree with me when I say:

Encouraging customers to buy products from your store was never easy. There are so many things to consider, making it a challenging task. If you do something wrong, it can have a huge negative impact on your reputation, resulting in losing customers.

Today, I have listed ways to improve the conversion rate of your store.

1.    Offer Coupon Codes for a Limited Time

The easiest way to increase conversion rate is by offering a limited time offer for using coupon codes. It’s up to you, but mostly, it is advised to offer an off for a specific amount or a certain percentage of the product. Everybody loves to save money and using coupon codes the best way. Since the discount will be offered for a short time, it will create urgency, and shoppers will want to buy it before it runs out of stock. People will buy the product without any distractions.

2.    Images and Videos Have A Vital Role

One of the biggest disadvantages of online shopping for customers is that they cannot touch or try on the product. They can only see it in the video or picture. If the image is not clear or video is blurred, the customer might be confused about whether to buy the product or not. Eventually, they will not buy it if they do not want to take any risk.

So, you must add high-resolution and detailed pictures of the product along with a video. This will help in showing the customers exactly what they are going to buy. It will help in increasing conversion rates. Check here if you want to know how to embed youtube video to WordPress.

3.    Take Advantage of Cart Abandonment Software

There is a possibility that your store might be getting plenty of abandoned carts. Using an abandoned cart software is a great way to increase the conversion rate of your store. This software will come in handy only when the customer has added products to the cart, added their email address and personal details, but then left the store.

There are different types of software; some might allow you to send a follow-up email. To increase the customers to buy the products, you can even offer discounts. This will give them an incentive to buy the products.

4.    Focus on Your Checkout Form

One of the reasons why people leave your store is because of the complicated and time-consuming checkout process. To make sure your customers will not have any problem completing checkout, make it easy to understand.

Try to have a few typed fields. For instance, if you want the customer to choose a date, use a drop-down menu instead of typing. Or you should format credit card numbers in a way that it will become hassle-free for customers.

5.    Let Them Checkout as Guests

Another wonderful way to improve conversion rates is by enabling customers to checkout as guests. Many people leave a store is because they are forced to register.

6.    Have Clear Checkout Button

For increasing conversion rates, you have to make sure the checkout button is clearly visible to customers. It will even be better to show the contents of the cart before proceeding to checkout.

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