Are you missing out on important details of the meeting because your typing speed is slow?

Or you left your elderly parents with nursing staff at home but you found some trouble with them?

You want to record the meeting or interaction of nursing staff with parents.

Either you can go for proper surveillance cameras or go for discreet cameras.

If you go for surveillance cameras, other people might not feel comfortable or may fake their behavior.

So, the best choice is to go for hidden cameras.

Hidden cameras come in different varieties; pen camera, a doorbell camera, wall camera, etc.

In this article, I will tell you what a pen camera is and how you can use it in six simple steps.

Let’s find out.

What is Pen Camera?

An ordinary pen with a digital camera concealed in the pen is called pen camera. It is used to record video and audio covertly. Pen can be clipped on the shirt pocket or carried in hand. Pen camera is lightweight and because of its shape, it is easy to carry around. Also it takes less power and gives long standby time. It is fully functional ballpoint or fountain pen that starts recording video and audio with the click of a button. The video and audio is saved in a micro SD memory card.

6 Steps to Use a Pen Camera

1.   Getting Started

To get started with the pen camera, charge your spy pen for 3-4 hours when you use it for the first time. Otherwise it takes 15 minutes to recharge. Once it is full charged, it can record for about 1.5 hours. Then insert the micro SD memory card in the pen else it will not be able to store the recording.

2.   Turn on the Spy Pen

Turn on the pen camera by pressing the On/Off button for 3 seconds. A green color indicator light will show that pen is in Ready Mode to start taking videos/photos.

3.   Start Recording Video and Audio

Again press the On/Off button for 2 seconds and the pen will start recording. You can see the indicator light will blink few times to show that recording will begin and then it stops blinking so that no one notices it. It is advised that clip your pen in a way that nothing comes in front of it to disturb the recording and also limit its movement to get a clean and clear recording.

4.   Ending a Recording Session

To end the session, tap on the On/Off button once. Once finished recording, you need to press On/Off button for 6 seconds to completely turn off the recording.

5.   Taking a Photo

When you click the On/Off button quickly, the pen camera takes a picture. The green light blinks once to tell that the photograph has been captured and returned to Ready Mode.

6.   Viewing Your Recordings or Photos

To view or retrieve recording from the pen camera, you can either plug in the USB charger to computer and transfer or can use SD memory card reader.

In these simple six steps you can use the pen camera. Now if you want to order spy cameras, you can check Spy Camera as they are offering 1080p HD video and audio recording spy cameras. The starting price of spy cameras is just $30.