Aquarium rocks can help and beautify your tank. Apart from beautifying or adding a view to your tank, rocks also provide hideout and breeding places for your fishes. Aquarium rocks can also be used to be ornaments and anchor plants in your tank. The surface of the rocks helps aquarium plants to attach themselves to them. To choose the right aquarium rocks which are popular, you have to consider some factors. For example, factors that should be considered include how solid the rock is, does it dissolve in water and does it crumble.  Make sure that aquarium rocks are well anchored or are neatly tucked on your tank to be sure that the rocks would not endanger your fish lives.

You should also not chose a rock composed of calcium. Rocks that contain calcium are called calcareous rocks. To test a rock for this, put drops of ordinary white vinegar on top of the rock. If the drops bring out bubble or foam then that means the rock is calcareous. Aquarium rocks with high calcium deposits are very harmful to your water and your fish. The presence of calcium in water greatly affects the chemistry of water in your tank. The pH and hardness of the water will be changed.



    1. Ryuoh or Seiryu Aquascaping Rocks

Ryuoh or Seiryu Aquascaping Rocks is an uneven aquascaping rock that is perfect for Iwagumi Layout. Their form makes them look beautiful when you place them in your tank.  Seiryu Aquascaping Rocks are greyish in color and its form is reminiscent of huge and stunning natural rock formations and mountains; this makes this rock so popular in aquascaping designs. The Ryuoh or Seiryu rocks are also called Minilandschaft.

    2. Ohko Aquascaping Rocks

Ohko Aquascaping Rocks is an argillaceous rock and will not affect your water PH or hardness. It has a unique and eye-catching form, natural look, holey structure, and warm earthen tones,  which makes this rock an appealing choice for your aquascape. The Ohko rock is usually called the Dragon Stone.

    3. Elephant Skin Aquascaping Rocks

Elephant Skin Aquascaping Rocks have natural-looking outer textures and fit in well in many aquascaping scenes. This rock is large in size and for those looking for larger rocks, this Elephant Skin Aquascaping Rocks will fit your aquarium well. It would be a very good choice. This rock is also called Seegebrige stones.

  4. Unzan Aquascaping Rocks

Unzan Aquascaping Rocks create a natural mountain landscape in your aquascape. This rock does not only create a mountain like look but also beautify your aquarium. These lava aquascaping rocks have planting pockets, which makes them perfect when you are creating a natural rock and plant scene.

    5. Koke Aquascaping Rocks

Koke Aquascaping Rocks have the perfect surface for aquarium plant to attach itself to and grow well on. These Koke rocks also give your aquarium that distinct look. Ferns and Anubias are known to grow well on these Koke rocks. This rock is great because it compromises a selection of rocks as a group. This rock is a type of volcanic rock.